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SameSystem enables your company to plan, adapt and optimize its workforce more efficiently. With intelligent tools for scheduling, time registration, budgeting and Human Resources, all of these specifically tailored for the retail industry, it is no longer required to have several different solutions. SameSystem is the complete Retail Efficiency Management (REM) system.

  • No more cases with employees not being aware of their working hours and tasks for the day. With the SameSystem app they always have real-time access to their schedules.

  • No more over-spending on slow days and insignificant manpower on busy days.  SameSystem’s analytic tools make sure that Store Managers always plan according to the peak hours.

  • No more frustrations and time-waste when employees call in sick. Just let SameSystem do the work with its efficient shift swapping tools.

  • No more need to access several different solutions to retrieve all the KPIs for the company. SameSystem has it all collected in one spot.

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SameSystem unifies all your solutions and gives you the tools to achieve greater retail efficiency.

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Make your plan quick and precise, with tools that make sure that important key metrics are followed, and excessive manual work is unnecessary.


Smart forecasting makes it possible to quickly adapt to changing environments, so the salary costs always stay on track. Efficient tools for calling in assistance makes this a breeze.


Advanced analytic tools ensure that you always get the right information. This makes it possible to optimize your stores and monitor the process.

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Make your impact and be part of shaping the future for SameSystem – a fast-growing Danish SaaS company that brings value to its customers with a software solution that optimises retail stores.

SameSystem consists of 45 talented individuals situated in five countries. We have a motivating work environment, with no internal rivalries and an eager to help each other. We rely on teamwork, while still encouraging personal freedom and own initiatives.


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