Retail workforce management.
Do you really need it?

More time with customers equals more sales. SameSystem frees up time and helps you run a smooth operation. It's that simple! 

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SameSystem is the backbone of your retail business

Retail is detail. Small savings and optimisations across an organisation often make the difference between a profit and loss in retail. SameSystem reduces costs and lets you spend your time on sales. Here’s how:

Plan perfectly

It’s a breeze to plan perfectly with our advanced and intuitive scheduling tools. Your stores will never again be understaffed or overstaffed – which means you always walk the fine line between saving costs and ensuring excellent customer service.

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Fill shifts with ease

Every retailer knows the hassle of last-minute changes. Employees call in sick, want to swap shifts and request vacation. Worry no more! You can quickly solve any shift puzzle with SameSystem.

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Manage administration on the commute

Let your store managers spend their time on the store floor – not in a backroom office. Store managers can send push notifications, fill shifts, and approve hours on their smartphones. Day-to-day administration is so fast and easy it can be handled on the train ride to work.

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Track time and attendance

SameSystem’s iBeacon is the simplest way to track attendance in retail. You place the iBeacon near an entrance, and your employees check in and out with a single tap in an app. No power or internet is needed.

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Retail is in our DNA

SameSystem was founded by two experienced retailers who saw the need for a workforce solution tailored for the retail industry. Every single line of code is designed to support and grow retail businesses.

Increase employee loyalty

Improve employee satisfaction by tracking time and attendance. It might sound like a contradiction, but it’s true! The iBeacon creates transparency and rewards loyal employees who show up on time. Your best employees will want to stick around longer.

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Keep track of your business

CEOs never have to pull reports or handle spreadsheets again. With an updated and customised overview of KPIs, it’s a breeze to stay on top of your business.

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Handle salaries and contracts in no time

Shrink the paper piles in your offices. SameSystem produces digital contracts automatically, and you never again have to print or scan important documents.

With updated and accurate schedules, you can also easily export payroll files to your salary system. Administration really is uncomplicated with SameSystem.

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SameSystem provides a perfect overview of all our departments.

Dennis Hansen

Concession Manager at Ralph Lauren

Hassle-free implementation

We will have you up and running in no time. Our experienced implementation team will adjust the solution to your business and train your employees - ensuring a smooth transition.

On top of that, SameSystem offers unlimited support for all your employees. Every supporter has a solid retail background, which our customer satisfaction rate of 99,3% reflects.

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“We implemented SameSystem in all stores in October and November 2019. In hindsight, this was the best preparation we could ever have done for the Corona crisis.”

Josef Konrad, Head of Retail and Explansion at VIU

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