Integration partners

Connect SameSystem to your other software solutions and have all the information you need at your fingertips.

SameSystem partners with best-of-breed solutions for all aspects of your organisation, allowing you to run a fully digital and data-driven business.

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Point of sale (POS)

Remove the gut feeling from planning. SameSystem pulls data directly from your POS system and uses artificial intelligence to accurately predict slow and busy hours in your stores – allowing you to plan even better.


Handle salaries with a few clicks. A payroll integration allows you to import updated timesheets and salary data from SameSystem to your payroll solution, ensuring fast and uncomplicated payroll processing.

Customer counting

Gain powerful insights by collecting important data about your business. SameSystem uses data from customer counters to fuel its AI-driven forecasting – the more available data, the more accurate predictions.

Employee engagement

Allow your workforce solutions to communicate seamlessly. Data is transferred between your systems and updated everywhere in real-time.


No need to register your employees twice. Employee information can be imported directly to and from SameSystem with an HR integration, preventing manual processes and human errors. All changes are updated in real-time.

Build your own integration

Can’t find your favourite system among our integration partners? Fret not! You can always build your own integration using our open API.

Reach out to your contact at SameSystem to learn more.