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Openness and transparency with our customers and investors are core values in SameSystem. We will update you on our company right here.

SameSystem A/S is delisted from Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark. 

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Retail and foodservice customers of tomorrow demand excellent customer experiences, which includes being met by knowledgeable sales assistants and waiters and never having to wait for service. At the same time, retailers and foodservice providers need to bring down costs, ruling out overstaffing or increasing the number of employees.

As an industry-leading workforce management solution, SameSystem enables retailers and foodservice businesses to maximise performance levels and competencies in their organisations.

Investor case

Investor and board member Tommy Holte explains why he decided to invest in SameSystem.

User case

Learn how the international eyewear retailer VIU uses SameSystem to run a successful and streamlined business.

Leif Vestergaard

Chairman of the Board

Christian Higraff

Member of the Board

Tommy Høyrup Holte

Member of the Board

Photo of Michael Holmberg Andersen

Michael Holmberg Andersen

Member of the Board

Competencies of the board
The composition of the Board of Directors shall ensure diversity and that the Board of Directors has the right competencies to perform its duties and achieve the Company’s objectives. Current competencies required of and possessed by the Board of Directors includes strategic, sales, legal, financial, IT/SaaS and HR. The required qualifications of the members of the Board of Directors are reviewed on an annual basis at a minimum.

Board of Directors self-evaluation
At least once a year, the Board of Directors performs a self-evaluation, which is focused on the performance, composition, and competencies of the Board of Directors. In connections with the evaluation the following issues are also considered; diversity, results, cooperation, the role of the chairman, internal organization of work within the Board of Directors and cooperation with the Executive Management, participation in and contribution to board meetings, and the quality of material provided to the Board of Directors. The chairman of the Board of Directors is heading the self-evaluation process. Upon completion, the results of the self-evaluation is discussed by the Board of Directors. The current composition of the Board of Directors is considered to have the right competencies supporting the short- and long-term goals of the Company and the long-term value creation for the Company’s shareholders.

Photo of Carsten Fensholt
Carsten Fensholt


Thomas Sølvsten​


Tobias Byrial Ritlov

Product Development Director

Jesper K. Ryskin

Marketing & Communications Director

Hasse Jensen

Head of Engagement

Lucas Ritlov

Sales Manager, Scandinavia

Jesper K. Ryskin

Marketing & Communications Director