A complete retail package

The pricing structure in SameSystem is probably different from what you are used to:

In retail, time is of the essence, so unlimited support is included for everyone in your company. They can call support at any time, where we respond in less than 20 seconds on average*.
Our supporters are experienced retail professionals who know how to run a retail store, and will always be able to help even in the most complex cases. Our customer satisfaction rate is 99.3%*, and we offer support in 10 languages.

We believe that everyone should benefit from all the best tools today, and therefore all functions in SameSystem are included in the licence.
With SameSystem you will never miss an opportunity to optimise your operations.

Tired of having to meet up every year to consider if you need to upgrade to the new version?
No need with SameSystem, all upgrades, expansions and new functions are always included.

20 sec

Response time*

*December 2019 - December 2020 average


Customer satisfaction rate



Online solution

SameSystem is a complete online solution, and you have no need for special hardware or server capacity. All that is needed is an internet connection.

Easy Implementation

When implementing SameSystem, we import all data from your current IT-systems without manual effort from your side.

We visit your branches and conduct local training of all your managers, and specialized training for your administration and regional managers.

After the training, our Customer Success Team contacts each of your managers to ensure they are comfortable with what they need to know in the system.

We have experienced a decrease in labor costs of 20%. This is mainly because we can now plan each individual shift optimally according to customer flow, so we are never too many or too few working in the shops. Also, our store managers spend less time on administration and more time out in the store.

Nicoline Larsen, Area Manager

The implementation process has been really easy, and everything went fantastically well.

Christian Pedersen, Owner

Fantastic platform for our stores. Great customer service and support. Highly recommended.

Lisa Butler, Retail Director

SameSystem is now successfully implemented and provides a perfect overview of all our departments.

Dennis Hansen, Concession Manager

Shop managers now have a strong tool to control resources. It has contributed to several consecutive years of improved salary percentage, even during the financial crisis.

Thomas Just Rasmussen, COO

When we switched to SameSystem, we realized the opportunities were wider as we, for instance, were able to integrate our schedule sheets directly with our payroll system

Peter Høyer, Director

I now have a great tool in my everyday life - making it possible for me to respond to fluctuations in turnover and labour.

Peter Henriksen, CEO

The attendance tracking provides a clear correspondence between schedules and working hours. The automated hour and vacation balances save our HR department time and resources on a daily basis. And then they simply provide phenomenal support.

Kim Johansen, CEO

Our retail advisors are standing by to give you a quote, based on your company.

We always match the system completely to your profile, and customise training plans that are the most effective for your organization.