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With more than 20 years of retail management experience, two retailers’ vision of an effective way to run and optimise stores created SameSystem in 2008.

We are passionate about creating solutions that improve retail, and benefit both owners, managers and staff.

The vision has gained speed ever since, where SameSystem in cooperation with partners and customers has developed from a scheduling system to a complete data-driven workforce solution for retailers.

We believe in retailers spending time on customers and strategic development – not back office administration.

Our offices

SameSystem today consists of 66 dedicated employees, who support and improve the solution from 6 locations.

Map showing SameSystem's presence in Europe

About SameSystem

SameSystem is a Workforce Management Solution that handles planning and administration in retail stores and foodservice businesses. The solution focuses entirely on what matters in retail and foodservice: Boosting growth, reducing expenses, saving time and keeping your staff motivated.


In more than 1,100 companies, SameSystem is an indispensable solution for more than 185,000 users,
and is translated and used in most European languages. 

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