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 SameSystem aims to become the go-go workforce management system for store-based retailers and foodservice providers, fuelled by the benefits and efficiency our solution offers. We believe that the worlds of retail and foodservice must evolve with automation and data-driven operations, and we see enormous potential for retailers and foodservice businesses to embrace the newest technologies.


About SameSystem

We are passionate about creating solutions that improve retail and benefit owners, managers and staff. We believe in retailers spending their time on customers and strategic development - not back-office administration. 


Business update

 Openness and transparency with our customers and investors are core values in SameSystem.
We will update you on company news and industry trends right here. 


Company update

Henrik Salicath, CEO at SameSystem, provides an update on company news and industry trends.


Sales update

Mikael Christensen, CSO at SameSystem, provides an update on sales strategy and results.

BankInvest: Here is why we are investing in SameSystem

SameSystem was listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in June 2021. Learn why the asset manager BankInvest decided to invest in SameSystem.

SameSystem has seen significant growth in recent years.

The ARR growth in the fiscal year 2019/20 was 17% and 26.9% from the fiscal year 2019/20 to 30 June 2021.

ARR growth
FY 2019/20

Increase in ARR from
the end of FY 2019/20

SameSystem Investor Webinars


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Date: 8 June 2021


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Date: 17 June 2021


With: Nordnet
Date: 4 June 2021 


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Date: 9 June 2021


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Date: 7 June 2021

SameSystem Business case

SameSystem Investor case

Investor Tommy Holte explains why he decided to invest in SameSystem

SameSystem User case

Learn how SameSystem helps the fashion brand Les Deux run their successful retail store.

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Financial calendar


September 23, 2021

Quarterly Update (Q3)


January 17, 2022

Annual Report 2020/21

January 31, 2022

Annual General Meeting

March 28, 2022

Quarterly Report (Q1)

June 27, 2022

Half-yearly Report

September 26, 2022

Quarterly Report (Q3)


SameSystem Investor News

Members of the Board

Søren Elmann Ingerslev

Chairman of the Board

Partner at Elmann Advokatpartnerselskab.
Søren Elmann Ingerslev is a proficient corporate lawyer with a specialization in advising corporate customers, private equity funds, and family-owned enterprises in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Investments, and International Contracts. Søren holds broad international experience with strong negotiation skills and business acumen. Besides, Søren serves as a non-executive Chairman and Board member in several Danish businesses.

Søren holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) from Exeter University in 1994 and from Aarhus University in 1995, whereafter Søren obtained the MBA from Copenhagen Business School in 2002.
Søren Elmann Ingerslev joined SameSystem in 2021.

Not independent of the Company
Søren Elmann Ingerslev privately holds 344,400 shares in SameSystem A/S.
Søren Elmann Ingerslev privately holds 44,117 warrants in SameSystem A/S.

Thomas a Porta

Member of the Board

CEO at Formpipe Software A/S.
Thomas à Porta is a highly experienced executive, especially with scaling software companies.
Furthermore, Thomas is experienced in developing strategy, international expansion and sales execution.

Thomas holds an MBA and a Diploma in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.
Furthermore, Thomas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.
Thomas a Porta joined SameSystem in 2021.

Independent of the Company
Thomas a Porta privately holds 22,058 warrants in SameSystem A/S.

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer

Member of the Board

COO of Coinify ApS.
Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer possess an immense drive to develop and build up tech companies. He is highly experienced from top-tier global IT companies, successful NASDAQ listed companies down to fast-growing start-ups, having built Fintech companies from scratch, been involved in mergers & acquisitions, and large-scale IPOs. The experiences count both executive positions and board duties.

Hans Henrik holds an MBA and a Diploma in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. Furthermore, he holds a certificate in Excellence in Retailing Management from Harvard Business School Executive Education and a certificate in Board of Directors Work from the Institute of Directors in London.
Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer joined SameSystem in 2021.

Independent of the Company
Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer privately holds 22,058 warrants in SameSystem A/S.

Birgitte Nielsen

Member of the Board

Professional Board Member.
Birgitte Nielsen has extensive experience from various management and finance positions, amongst others from FLSMIDTH & Co A/S.
Furthermore, Birgitte has comprehensive board experience from listed companies and large privately held companies. Birgitte has extensive experience in finance and accounting and has in-depth knowledge of the financial markets.

Birgitte holds two Graduate Diplomas (HD) from Copenhagen Business School, one in Accounting & Finance and one in Foreign Trade. Furthermore, Birgitte holds a General Management Program from CEDEP/INSEAD.
Birgitte Nielsen joined SameSystem in 2021.

Independent of the Company
Birgitte Nielsen privately holds 22,058 warrants in SameSystem A/S.

Senior Management & Board Members

Henrik Salicath


Henrik Salicath holds more than 20 years of international business experience, having worked and lived across Asia, Europe, and North America. Henrik holds significant experience with leading positions within General Management, Finance, Sales, and Marketing at the tech enterprises Microsoft, Columbus, and Tectura. From 2017-2020, Henrik led a transformational journey for the retail software company Fiftytwo as their CEO. 

Henrik has a strong record of achievements within cloud technology and SaaS enablement throughout his career, having successfully led tech-companies to an international scale.

Henrik holds two Graduate Diplomas (HD) from Copenhagen Business School - one in Accounting & Finance and one in Marketing and Sales. In 2019 he completed a course in Disruptive Innovation from Harvard Business School and, earlier on, the course “Building on Talent” from IMD in Switzerland.

Henrik Peter Salicath joined SameSystem in 2021.

Henrik Salicath privately holds 95,588 warrants in SameSystem A/S.

Mikael Christensen

Sales Director

Mikael Christensen has been with SameSystem since March 2019.

Mikael has substantial experience and knowledge in sales.

Mikael has experience as a sales manager from Oracle, Planday, and Mikael lived in London for three years to build the Nordic sales hub for Oracle with a strong focus on ERP solutions for the Nordic markets.

Mikael started his sales career more than 13 years ago at TDC Group as a sales executive and has adapted a unique drive for creating results.

Furthermore, Mikael is a certificated Salesforce administrator and has implemented multiple software services to maximize the sales processes and strategies.

Tobias Byrial Ritlov

Product Development Director

Tobias Byrial Ritlov has been with SameSystem since 2013.

Tobias has worked his way through the Company serving various positions, including system supporter, communication manager, and project manager, leading to profound knowledge and understanding of the Company.

Tobias has headed the product development team since January 2017. Additionally, Tobias has seven years of retail experience working at Bestseller, leading to a great understanding of the retail environment. Furthermore, Tobias is a Major Shareholder in SameSystem.

Tobias is related to the former CEO and founder, Henrik Byrial Ritlov and Lucas Louis Ritlov.

Jesper K. Ryskin

Marketing & Communications Director

Jesper Karbæk Ryskin joined SameSystem in February 2017.

Jesper has strong commercial qualifications combined with a comprehensive understanding of retail obtained from experience, among others as commercial supervisor at SAND Copenhagen.

Jesper has an AP degree in management from CPH Business supplemented with diplomas in practical- and strategic communication, and has been working with digital marketing since it was introduced in the 1990’s.

Jacob Rasmussen

Customer Success Director

Jacob Rasmussen joined SameSystem in February 2019.

Jacob has immense experience and an understanding of retail. Jacob has previously held positions in the retail industry such as Retail Manager at, playing a vital part in developing store concepts and creating a physical retail organization from scratch, Manager at Magasin du Nord, managing big teams and responsible for one of the highest top-line targets in Scandinavian retail, and Sales Manager for several years at PWT Group, being part of the transition from privately-held stores to private equity-owned stores.

Tenna Skovgaard Bosold

Global People & Culture Director

Tenna Skovgaard Bosold joined SameSystem in November 2020.

Tenna is an experienced human resource profile with vast experience within strategic HR, recruiting, people management, succession and retention, etc.

Tenna has held various human resource senior positions, including at Andreasen & Elmgaard, AGC Biologics, Meggitt, and Hartmanns.

Lucas Louis Ritlov

Deputy Sales Director

Lucas Louis Ritlov has been with SameSystem since 2015.

Lucas obtained substantial experience within his years in the telemarketing industry prior to joining SameSystem, as SameSystem’s first dedicated salesperson.

As the first dedicated salesperson, Lucas has been a driving force in the early development of the sales department and today, he serves as Deputy to Sales Director, Mikael Christensen and is responsible for closing customers such as Bone’s, Les Deux, MyHome, Skoringen, etc.

Furthermore, Lucas is a Major Shareholder in SameSystem. Lucas is related to the former CEO and founder Henrik Byrial Ritlov and Tobias Byrial Ritlov.


Henrik Salicath


+45 81 45 26 10

Jesper K. Ryskin

Marketing & Communications Director

+45 50 52 95 08 

Jesper Vestergaard

Certified Adviser, Grant Thornton

+45 31 79 90 00