b.young chooses SameSystem for its 81 Norwegian stores

The fashion retailer b.young, part of DK Company, has chosen SameSystem as its workforce management partner in the chain’s 81 Norwegian stores. DK Company already collaborates with SameSystem in a number of its brands. With the expansion to Norway, SameSystem now serves most of DK Company’s stores in Europe.

The fashion brand and retail chain b.young chooses listed SameSystem (SAME) for its 81 Norwegian stores. SameSystem’s workforce management solution will help the chain’s managers and employees with further professionalisation of operations and more efficient management of the workforce.

“We already use SameSystem in several of our brands in Europe, and we find great value in the system, which manages our workforce, facilitates an overview of our resources and ensures the right number of employees in our shops. Norway is an important market for us, and it makes good sense to use SameSystem there to create better workdays for our skilled employees and thus the best possible experiences for our customers,” says CEO Kasper Philipsen from DK Company.

Good overview of daily operations

With SameSystem’s forecasting module, b.young can – based on historical data and machine learning – predict the expected traffic in all their stores, improving the planning of necessary resources and enabling both store managers and employees to focus on store operations.

“With an increasing focus on the overall shopping experience, attentive service from staff becomes even more important for customers in physical stores. That is why it is critical to free up time from tasks like shift planning and HR processes, so we always have the time to take great care of our customers,” says Kasper Philipsen.

b.young’s needs and observations resonate with Henrik Salicath, CEO of SameSystem, and his analysis of the market.

“In a changing retail industry where online and physical commerce are increasingly merging, physical stores need to deliver even better customer experiences without using more resources. We simply need to provide better service and sell more for the same money,” says Henrik Salicath, adding that it is essential for SameSystem to create as smooth an experience for their customers as possible, enabling them to focus on making a profit through sales.

Built-in knowledge of the local labor market

SameSystem is pleased that DK Company is satisfied with its workforce management solution and are now expanding its collaboration to Norway.

“We are very proud that b.young has chosen to bring us to Norway. b.young’s need for a solution tailored to multiple markets is not new to us. Over the years, we have developed an up-to-date solution with built-in knowledge of individual markets and labour regulations, making it possible for international brands to be razor sharp in all their markets,” says Henrik Salicath, CEO at SameSystem, which operates in 24 European countries.

About b.young and DK Company

b.young is a Danish fashion brand with an emphasis on design and quality that was founded in 1991 and is present in 70 markets. b.young is part of DK Company, a multi-brand fashion company that also includes brands such as Ichi, Fransa, Inwear, Gestuz and Martinique.

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