Butter and SameSystem join forces to attract and retain talent

SameSystem enters partnership with the innovative tech company Butter. Their shared customers will soon be able to offer instant payment to employees who take open shifts or extra shifts, which creates motivation and eases problems with labour shortages.

It’s no secret that restaurants and retail stores struggle with labour shortages in many European countries. The innovative software company Butter just might have a solution to relieve this issue. Their software allows employees to access, track and manage their pay immediately, creating transparency and motivation to take more shifts.

A new integration between SameSystem and Butter is a prerequisite to using many of Butter’s features. Employee information, shift schedules and payment information will be synchronized between the two solutions, which makes it possible to pay employees straight after their shifts, for instance.

“We’re thrilled to add Butter to our portfolio of integration partners. Their solution offers a new take on digitalization and innovation in the retail and foodservice industries, making Butter a valuable integration partner. We’re always interested in collaborating with other software companies who are passionate about optimizing retail and foodservice,” says Mikael Thomas, CSO at SameSystem.

“We’re excited to partner with SameSystem, an established leader in the workforce solution space. It is a match made in heaven, as we share the same vision of making workforce management and talent attraction easier for retailers and foodservice companies. It’s plug and play to attract the best talent and keep them motivated with the new integration – this solves some of the hardest challenges faced by the industry today!” Jonatan Rasmussen, CEO at Butter.

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