Danish tech company helps major audio retailer HiFi-Klubben with compliance abroad

Danish and European labour market rules are very different and can be a jungle for Danish companies with stores and branches in other countries. HiFi Klubben, which in addition to Denmark, is present in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, has control over both employee and holiday rules in five countries as well as the local employment contracts, which can be signed directly from the mobile, through a software solution from Danish SameSystem. The solution frees up resources for HiFi-Klubben, which the local people can instead use to run the chain’s approx. 90 stores.

While Denmark is considered to have relatively comprehensible and manageable employment rules, this is by no means the case surrounding it. In fact, there are huge differences in, for example, holiday and day off rules, just by taking a short trip to Norway or Sweden.

This is what is stated by HiFi Klubben, Europe’s largest specialist chain in high-quality HiFi, which is present in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden – in addition to Denmark, where the chain was founded in 1980.

Norwegian inconvenience bonuses and 12-week salary average in Germany

And the differences can be drastic. For example, in Norway, “inconvenience bonuses” are calculated based on the time of day and whether the employee has worked enough over several weeks. The significant differences are also seen in Germany, where the value of absence and holidays is calculated based on the average salary the employee has received over the past 12 weeks.

It requires a lot of resources to keep up-to-date on national differences. But at HiFi Klubben, they have chosen a workforce management system from Danish SameSystem, which has the local special rules, differences and exceptions built in.

“Even though the countries are close to Denmark, we experience big differences in rules about employees and contractual relationships. It can be something of a jungle to keep track of, and therefore it is a great help that our system from SameSystem contains all this information, thus easing the workload for our local people,” says Henrik Wieben, Chief Retail Officer at HiFi-Klubben.

Complex and time-consuming to keep track

At SameSystem, which has compliance functionality built into its workforce management system, they know the surprisingly many differences in laws and regulations, which can be both complex and time-consuming to keep track of. That is why SameSystem is happy to be able to help HiFi-klubben and their more than 600 employees in five countries.

“We often hear that our customers are surprised by the big differences in the labour market rules when their companies move beyond the country’s borders. It often requires considerable insight into the local markets, and insight means expensive hours if the companies themselves have to find out all the local intricacies. There is already a lot to get to know when operating in foreign markets, and we are happy to be able to free our customers from this important and decisive work task,” says Jesper Ryskin, Marketing & Communications Director at SameSystem.

SameSystem’s workforce management system, which is used by Magasin, Shaping New Tomorrow, Hugo Boss, Sportmaster and the Apple reseller Select in the UK and Ireland, among many others, helps customers with employee and resource management.

For further information, contact:

Jesper Karbæk Ryskin, Marketing & Communications Director, SameSystem, +45 50 52 95 08, jesper.ryskin@samesystem.com

About SameSystem

SameSystem (SAME) is a SaaS company that provides workforce management solutions for the retail and foodservice sectors. SameSystem A/S is represented in 21 countries across Europe and has a local presence in nine countries.


About HiFi-Klubben

HiFi Klubben is Europe's largest specialist chain in high-quality HiFi with a focus on quality in sound and images. The chain was founded in 1980 and today has around 90 stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.


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