Hugo Boss invests in digitalisation on the Iberian Peninsula

The luxury brand Hugo Boss is accelerating digitalisation in their stores in Spain and Portugal and entering a collaboration with the Danish company SameSystem. SameSystem will strengthen Hugo Boss’ digitalisation within workforce management in the two countries, which constitute the luxury brand’s largest market in Europe. SameSystem has great international ambitions and is currently present in 23 countries across Europe.

Hugo Boss enters a new partnership with the Danish SaaS company SameSystem to strengthen digitalisation and streamline its stores in Spain and Portugal, the luxury brand’s largest market in Europe. In recent years, Hugo Boss has greatly increased its online presence, and the new omnichannel strategy places great demands on the administration and management of the company’s store employees.

The rollout in Portugal and Spain is an extension of SameSystem’s collaboration with Hugo Boss Denmark. Sara López de Teresa, Retail Director Spain in Hugo Boss, looks forward to introducing SameSystem’s workforce management solution to Hugo Boss in Southern Europe.

“I have good experiences with SameSystem from my position as Area Manager in Denmark, so when I became aware of SameSystem’s local presence on the Iberian Peninsula, we began negotiations about a collaboration. Now we look forward to getting started,” says Sara López de Teresa.

Local presence made the difference

Although Hugo Boss and Sara López de Teresa saw the advantages of SameSystem, it was the Danish company’s local presence in Spain and Portugal that convinced them to choose SameSystem as their workforce management partner in the region:

“There are many different WFM companies, but for us, it is crucial that our partners understand the specific laws in our region and offer local support to our employees,” says Sara López de Teresa about SameSystem, which is present in 23 countries in Europe and has offices in nine countries.

Growth potential south of the border

Denmark is one of the most digitalised countries in the world, but if you go south of the border, it is a different story. According to SameSystem’s CEO Henrik Salicath, there is a great untapped potential in Southern Europe, and the new agreement with Hugo Boss confirms SameSystem’s strategic initiatives.

“We have offices across Europe because we see great potential in increased digitalisation within workforce management outside Denmark. The new agreement with Hugo Boss is another example of a trend where large European companies choose digital solutions for planning shifts, attendance tracking and other tools for optimising workflows. We have used digital workforce management solutions in Denmark for a long time, which benefits us in the rollout to new markets, where you still use pens, paper and Excel sheets,” says Henrik Salicath.

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Sobre Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss (BOSS.DE) es una marca de lujo alemana que vende ropa y accesorios en sus tiendas, tanto físicas como online, y a través de otros minoristas. La empresa tiene 13.800 empleados en todo el mundo, tuvo una facturación de 1.950 millones de euros en 2020 y esperaba un aumento de hasta el 35% en 2021.


About SameSystem A/S

SameSystem (SAME) es una empresa SaaS que proporciona soluciones de Workforce Management a los sectores Retail y Foodservice. SameSystem A/S tiene representación en 23 países de  Europa y cuenta con oficinas en nueve países. SameSystem cotiza en Nasdaq First North (SAME).

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