Kent was attracted to SameSystem’s company culture

After working in another workforce management company for four years, Kent Appelby decided to change to SameSystem because of the drive and enthusiasm he found there. He is now partnership manager, spearheading SameSystem’s dreamsuite project to provide customers with leading digital tools for all aspects of their businesses. 

“From day one, I was really impressed by the drive and energy I experienced in SameSystem,” says Kent Appelby, partnership manager at SameSystem. He joined SameSystem last year after working in another workforce management company for four years, being responsible for their commercial activities in Denmark.

Kent’s primary motivation for changing company was SameSystem’s vibrant company culture and go-getter approach to business.

“SameSystem has a strong DNA and a shared vision that runs through the entire organisation. From legal to sales, everyone works together to reach our common goals, even if that sometimes means dropping what you’re doing to focus on winning a new customer or helping existing customers. There is a real drive to succeed in the company, making SameSystem an attractive workplace.”

Tools for all aspects of the business

At SameSystem, Kent is partnership manager, spearheading SameSystem’s Dreamsuite project where SameSystem is creating an eco-system of integrations and partnerships with other digital platforms, for instance POS solutions, payroll systems and engagement services.

”We want to empower SameSystem’s customers with leading digital tools for all aspects of their businesses. By cooperating and integrating with leading software developers, we create synergy,” says Kent Appelby, elaborating:

“Sharing data across solutions provides a real-time overview of information, gives deeper business insights and enables optimisation and growth. POS integrations, for example, provide data for SameSystem’s AI-powered forecasting, enabling customers to predict the need for staffing.”

Paving the way for future growth

Kent Appelby believes the Dreamsuite project plays an important role in supporting the ambitions of SameSystem, which aims to become the go-to workforce management solution in Europe.

“I think it is exciting to be part of a listed company with ambitious goals to make it big in Europe,” he says.

“With our eco-system of partnerships, we don’t just help retailers and restaurateurs harness the full potential of digitalisation – we also pave the way for future growth for SameSystem by giving the company a competitive edge.”

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