Magasin chooses SameSystem as their workforce management partner

SameSystem signs a five-year agreement with Magasin on the implementation of SameSystem’s digital workforce management solution in the department store’s seven locations across Denmark. Magasin is Denmark’s biggest department store chain with 1,500 employees. The chain will use SameSystem to further strengthen its customer journey, which is both physical and digital, by emphasising employee management and utilising resources optimally. The agreement comes shortly after SameSystem entered a partnership with KIKO Milano, an international cosmetics giant.

SameSystem, listed on Nasdaq First North (SAME), signs a new agreement with the Danish department store giant, Magasin, on the implementation of SameSystem’s digital workforce management solution in their seven locations across Denmark.

CEO of SameSystem, Henrik Salicath, is very pleased with the new partnership with Magasin that currently covers five years:

“We are excited to welcome a prominent customer like Magasin, an iconic department store chain that has played a role in the lives of most Danes for 150 years and is known far beyond Denmark’s borders. Magasin is renowned for its stylish department stores, quality brands and first-rate customer experiences. With our solution and strong position in the Danish workforce management market where we have customers like Bestseller, Normal and Søstrene Grene, I do not doubt that we can create strong results for Magasin,” he says.

In choosing SameSystem, Magasin emphasised employee management and the option to predict the need for staffing, whether it is a super busy afternoon during a sale or a quiet weekday morning.

“We both want happy customers and engaged employees, and we look forward to using SameSystem in all seven department stores. The solution will help us manage and organise our employees and labour, giving our customers the best possible experiences. We have particularly prioritised good and efficient employee management, but also stability, the app for employees and forecasting based on artificial intelligence,” says Thor Palmhøj, HR Director at Magasin.

Planning is essential for excellent customer experiences

SameSystem shares the belief that having the right employees at the right time and place creates happier and more content employees:

“When your number one priority is customer experiences, perfect planning is of the essence. You want enough employees at work to ensure perfect customer service, but you don’t want to compromise the profitability. By choosing SameSystem, Magasin will have access to cutting-edge retail scheduling tools and advanced forecasting that can predict the need for resources at any given time,” he says.

International growth focus

SameSystem has an international focus and the agreement with Magasin, and Henrik Salicath is optimistic about the new agreement leading to further European expansion:

“We have recently entered an agreement with the international cosmetics chain KIKO Milano that includes almost 200 French stores. With Magasin and its German owners, we see great potential for further European growth.”


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About Magasin

Magasin is Denmark’s largest Department store chain with the largest selection of leading Scandinavian and international brands. The chain has seven locations in and around Denmark’s four largest cities.


About SameSystem A/S

SameSystem is a SaaS company that offers a workforce management solution for the retail and foodservice industries. SameSystem A/S is represented in 21 countries across Europe and has offices in nine countries. SameSystem is listed on Nasdaq First North (SAME).

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