Milbby – The retail success story in Spain

Milbby is a Spanish Arts & Crafts store concept that has opened 18 shops during the last two years, founded by experienced retailer Carlos Rufat Pérez.

The retail knowledge built into the SameSystem solution and the ability to support KPIs in the scheduling process was among the factors that made Milbby choose SameSystem. By importing sales data, they can use flow planning in the schedule to ensure no stores are understaffed or overstaffed at any moment.

Their employees use the SameSystem app to time register and request changes, and work-life has become easier and less time-consuming for both store managers and Milbby’s employees.

Milbby Arts & Crafts, which is part of the Tansley Group, is selling articles for hobby and needlework at its 19 shops throughout Spain.

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