New integration options for restaurants and stores

The new integration options mean that even more restaurants and retail stores can see information from their cash register systems in SameSystem and based on this optimise their workforce management with forecasting.

The Danish Workforce Management platform SameSystem adds advanced cash register systems (POS systems) Ajour and Sitoo to their list of integration partners. Sitoo is used by retailers in 40+ countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America, and Ajour operates in Scandinavia with customers within both retail and hospitality. 

“The integration with Ajour is an important step for SameSystem because it accelerates our adaption to the hospitality industry. Ajour is an established provider of POS systems among restaurants and cafés, which strengthens SameSystem’s ambition of becoming the leading Workforce Management provider within this industry as well,” says Product Manager in SameSystem, Rasmus Ranch.

Since SameSystem entered the foodservice industry last year, the company has signed more than 40 cafés and restaurants, including Ild.Pizza, Det Glade Vanvid and Bones.

With the new integrations, even more restaurants and retail stores can see their POS information in SameSystem and based on this information optimise their scheduling and shift planning with forecasting. SameSystem’s AI forecasting module uses historical sales data from the POS systems to predict the need for staffing. This way, retailers and restaurateurs reduce costs by ensuring the right amount of staffing on an hourly basis.

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