New partnership with POS solution Amero unfolds the potential of artificial intelligence

SameSystem enters new partnership with the Danish cash register solution provider Amero to help shared retail customers reap the potential of data-driven store management. Gejser, a Danish retailer with 37 stores across the country, already benefits from the integration between the two software solutions.

In an increasingly competitive environment, it has never been more important for retailers to take advantage of the newest technology to further their businesses. With best-of-breed tools for HR, payroll, POS and workforce management that communicate seamlessly, retailers can greatly reduce administration and make data-driven decisions.

A new partnership between SameSystem and the cash register solution provider Amero, which runs on modern POS software from FlexPOS, is an example of the synergy that arises from advanced software solutions working together. With the integration, data is automatically transferred between the systems, making it possible for SameSystem to use sales data to predict future customer traffic with artificial intelligence.

With this knowledge, retailers can adjust staffing to make sure they always have enough employees on the sales floor to provide excellent customer service, but never have so many employees at work that it leads to idle time and unnecessary costs.

Sebastian Kastrup, HR- and marketing director at Amero, is excited about the new collaboration with SameSystem:

“SameSystem and Amero share a dedication to help our customers succeed. In our separate areas, we both strive to go above and beyond to offer our customers the best software along with prime support and thorough guidance. The new integration unlocks one more feature to advance our retail customers and help them reap the benefits of data, which we are very excited about.”

No more standard templates

The first retailers have already started using the features from the new integration. One of them is Gejser, previously known as SMOKE-IT, an e-cigarette retailer with 37 stores across Denmark.

COO at Gejser, Casper Andersen, is pleased with the new integration and the insights it creates for his business:

“With the integration between Amero and SameSystem, we are better able to optimise shift schedules and thereby reduce and optimise staffing in our stores. This ensures that we apply man-hours correctly in every store,” says Casper Andersen.

“Previously, we used a standard template for shift schedules that we rolled out each month, but with the new integration, we get an easy overview of which days to expect most activity and which days to expect the least activity.”

About Amero

Amero is an intuitive cash register solution provider based in Denmark with software from FlexPOS and an advanced integration motor, which makes it possible to make complex integrations with a range of different systems. Amero’s hybrid cash register solution is fully digital, but also has the added ability to function if the internet connection breaks down.

Amero mainly targets retail customers along with public institutions such as museums and sights. They count well-known Danish brands such as Spangsberg, Beautycos, Rundetårn and Billigblomst among their customers.


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