Odeta moved to Denmark with SameSystem ´I always wanted to try living abroad, although I imagined someplace warmer’

After working for two years in SameSystem’s Lithuanian office, frontend developer Odeta Kizytė packed her bags and relocated to the headquarters in Copenhagen – ready to dive into a new culture and stand on her own two feet.

When Odeta Kizytė imagined moving to a new country and experiencing new customs, Denmark wasn’t the first country that came to mind.

“I always wanted to try living abroad, although I imagined someplace warmer, like Spain with lots of sunlight where you can wear shorts and t-shirts most of the year,” she says.

Kizytė is from Lithuania and has worked in SameSystem’s Vilnius office since the beginning of 2019. She is a frontend developer, which means she is part of the team that builds SameSystem’s interface and makes sure it’s user-friendly for customers.

“I bring the visions of UX designers to life and make sure their ideas are viable and thought out.  I really like programming because I get to create something from scratch that’s useful to other people,” says Odeta Kizytė, referring to her work in SameSystem.

‘That would never happen in Lithuania’

SameSystem has offices in nine countries in Europe, but most software developers work from either Vilnius or Copenhagen. This year, Odeta Kizytė had the opportunity to relocate to the Copenhagen office, which she grabbed without much hesitation.

“Copenhagen might be as cloudy and cold as Vilnius, but it’s fun to get to know a new place and stand on my own two feet. Even small things like getting a Danish travel card and walking around the city is a new experience.”

Although Kizytė had already worked closely with Danish colleagues before moving to Copenhagen, there were still things that surprised her about Denmark and its culture.

“In many ways, Denmark seems really free – or perhaps uninhibited is the word. It is evident in the flat structure here at SameSystem, but you also see it when Copenhageners sunbathe naked in the city center or pee in canals. That would never happen in Lithuania,” says Odeta Kizytė.

The foreign nature of Copenhageners hasn’t put her off her Danish adventure, though.

“I enjoy exploring Copenhagen and Danish customs. Copenhagen is a very vibrant and international city, and I’m very happy that I get to spend time here and explore what the city has to offer because of my job in SameSystem,” she says before adding:

“I do still want to live somewhere sunnier someday, though.”

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