Restaurant Flammen steps up their workforce management

The Danish family-owned restaurant chain Restaurant Flammen chooses SameSystem as its digital workforce management partner. According to the COO of Restaurant Flammen, Christian Legarth Lund, SameSystem will help ensure better and more accurate payroll processing for the benefit of both district and restaurant managers as well as employees in the chain’s 16 restaurants across the country.

The Danish family restaurant chain Restaurant Flammen has plenty to keep track of with 750 employees in 16 restaurants across the country. For this reason, they have chosen to enter into a collaboration with the Danish workforce management provider SameSystem to implement their solution in the chain’s many restaurants:

“When you have more than 750 employees, there is plenty to keep track of for our talented district and restaurant managers, and this is where SameSystem comes into the picture. We need better and more accurate payroll processing to relieve our administrative staff and create more transparency for the individual employee,” says the COO of Restaurant Flammen, Christian Legarth Lund.

Margins are challenged in the hospitality industry

Christian Legarth Lund and the family-owned restaurant chain have previously used a different workforce management system. Due to increasing competition in the hospitality industry, they experience that margins are challenged, which is why they have chosen SameSystem:

“If we can free up valuable man-hours that we use on administration today and apply them on the floor with our guests and staff instead, we will be in an even stronger position in the future,” says Christian Legarth Lund.

At SameSystem, they recognize Christian Legarth Lund’s account and look forward to helping Restaurant Flammen and their employees create more value:

“It is a very classic story about how expensive administration costs reduce revenue. Our mission is to help retailers and restaurateurs reduce costs and thereby increase profits, and we are pleased to enter into a collaboration with Restaurant Flammen,” says interim CEO of SameSystem, Henrik Ritlov.

Restaurant Flammen starts with two restaurants

Christian Legarth Lund hopes that Flammen’s employees will welcome SameSystem’s intuitive employee app when the chain initially tries SameSystem in two of its restaurants – one in Zealand and one in Jutland:

“We start gently with two restaurants. It requires time and familiarisation for the individual employee when new routines are being implemented, and therefore we have chosen to start in the summer when we are the least busy. We hope that we can be ready in all restaurants by autumn when we are nearing the Christmas lunch season and become extremely busy,” concludes Christian Legarth Lund.

About Flammen

Restaurant Flammen is a family-owned restaurant chain originally from Southern Jutland. The chain is built around a buffet concept and has more than 750 employees distributed across 16 restaurants in Denmark and one restaurant in Germany.

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