SameSystem eases administration and creates a better overview for Kop & Kande

After implementing SameSystem in his four Kop & Kande stores, Martin Lyngesbo saved time on administration and experienced an improved overview of stores and employees.

About Kop & Kande

Kop & Kande is a Danish chain of independent homeware shops with approximately 100 stores in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Kop & Kande traces its roots back to 1978 and offers a wide range of retail products for the home, including kitchenware, dishes and interior design items.

Martin Lyngesbo owns four Kop & Kande stores in Køge, Holbæk, Asnæs and Østerbro and has been a SameSystem customer since 2018.



  • Making schedules was a time-consuming manual process
  • It was difficult to keep track of hours, both for managers and employees
  • Shift swaps and vacation requests were often an administrative burden to managers
  • Cumbersome payroll processing


  • User-friendly, digital scheduling tools
  • Reporting tools to keep track of hours
  • Shift-swap and vacation request features available in the system
  • Automatic payroll processing


  • Time spent on creating shift schedules reduced from 3-4 hours to approximately one hour
  • Improved overview of hours for managers and employees
  • Fast and error-free payroll processing
  • More time to focus on selling products and creating results

Customer story

After being recommended SameSystem by other retailers, Martin Lyngesbo decided to implement SameSystem in his four Kop & Kande stores in 2018. With SameSystem, he replaced Microsoft Excel and time-consuming manual processes with a modern workforce management solution. He can now access intuitive scheduling tools, vacation planning features and payroll processing in a single solution, saving valuable time.

“SameSystem is very user-friendly, and it’s super easy to make a shift schedule in the system. Where it used to take three to four hours to complete a 16-week shift schedule, we can now do it in about an hour,” Lyngesbo says.

Besides the ability to create shift schedules faster, Lyngesbo also received a better overview of his staff and their hours, which ultimately eased payroll processing in his stores.

“We have much better control of employee hours with SameSystem, and employees can check their hours and request shift swaps and vacation in the system. The accurate registration of hours also eases payroll processes significantly because we can transfer payroll files directly from SameSystem to our payroll system.”

The planning and administration tools in SameSystem do more than just save time for Lyngesbo and the employees in his four stores. They allow them to focus on what matters most to any retailer.

“With SameSystem, we can easily plan according to how many people we need in the stores. Along with eased administration, this gives us the tools we need to focus on creating better experiences for our customers and selling our products,” says Martin Lyngesbo.

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