International cosmetics giant chooses SameSystem

The international cosmetics retailer KIKO Milano has chosen SameSystem for its stores in France. KIKO Milano has a total of 770 stores in 15 countries, and SameSystem’s workforce management solution will be implemented in their 188 stores in France. The new collaboration brings SameSystem closer to their European expansion goals.

SameSystem enters collaboration with the international cosmetics chain KIKO Milano on the use of SameSystem’s workforce management solution. The chain has 770 stores in five countries, and KIKO Milano has launched a trial in the chain’s 188 French stores. From February, SameSystem will help streamline the management and administration of KIKO Milan’s store employees. The aim is to raise the bottom line by running more efficient workforce management and making life easier for store managers and employees.

At SameSystem, CEO Henrik Salicath is excited to welcome a new big international customer.

“We are very happy that a European giant like KIKO Milano has chosen to try out SameSystem in their 188 stores in France. In our organisation, we have a strong strategic focus on internationalisation, and we have set a number of ambitious expansion goals for a European roll-out.”, says Henrik Salicath.

Tailored for omnichannel

KIKO Milano has more than 770 stores across Europe, and they also run an extensive webshop. These are precisely the kind of customers that SameSystem is experiencing an increasing interest from, says CEO Henrik Salicath.

“With an increased emphasis on omnichannel – i.e., smooth shopping experiences across online, mobile and physical stores – you need profitable and well-run stores that interact with customers’ digital presence. Stores need to deliver better service for a lower cost, which is exactly what our solution helps them do, “says Henrik Salicath.

About KIKO Milano

KIKO Milano is an international cosmetics brand founded in Italy in 1997. The brand has 770 stores in 15 countries and is known for its more than 1400 high-quality products, including make-up, beauty accessories and skincare products.

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