SameSystem helps Wunderwear grow online

Although SameSystem is designed to help physical retailers manage staffing in their stores, the Danish SaaS company can also help create growth online. This is the case with the underwear chain Wunderwear, which is looking to expand its physical presence and generate more growth, both in its stores and on its webshop. “The better SameSystem can help the individual store owner solve administrative work, the better we as a chain can grow,” says Peter Høyer, chairman of the board of Wunderwear.

For ten years, SameSystem has helped the lingerie chain Wunderwear optimise administration. The chain is experiencing great success with a combination of physical and online retail and aims to open 14 new stores nationwide by 2024 and, at the same time, strengthen its online shopping.

“We are pursuing online growth, but for us, it paradoxically requires a large physical presence. Our success with physical stores stems from the fact that it is much harder to buy a bra online than, for example, a blouse. Bras come in so many different combinations of band and cup sizes that it is almost impossible to get it right without guidance and without trying it on first. Up to one in four of our webshop customers visit a store after purchase, where they receive advice and guidance. If we only had a webshop, they might have just returned the product and gone to a competitor,” says Peter Høyer, chairman of Wunderwear.

Uniformity creates growth

Since 1994, Peter Høyer has helped drive Wunderwear to the large clothing chain it is today. Wunderwear plans to reach 50 physical stores by 2024, compared to the 36 stores they have today. The chain’s 36 current stores are decentrally owned, several of which, in line with the board’s recommendations, use SameSystem. If it was up to Peter Høyer, all stores should use the system:

“The more uniform we become, the better we can collaborate and create a better foundation for growth,” says Peter Høyer and elaborates: “In the retail industry, it is typically the most skilled salesperson who is promoted to store manager. But just because you are a good salesman, it does not mean that you are a good store manager – and certainly not that you have a good understanding of HR and administration. That is why it is so important that we have SameSystem to help our store managers solve time-consuming administrative tasks so that they want to grow,” says Peter Høyer, Chairman of the Board of Wunderwear Denmark.

Security for the employee

Besides the increased growth that SameSystem helps Wunderwear achieve, SameSystem also boosts individual employee satisfaction:

“It provides increased security for the employee. The individual employee has a 16-week shift schedule available electronically on their phone, where they can see who they are set to work with. This makes it easy for the individual employee to gain an overview, and they can make plans in their free time,” concludes Peter Høyer.

Tailored for omnichannel

SameSystem’s CEO, Henrik Ritlov, has, since the start of SameSystem in 2008, experienced an increasing demand for products that speak to the growing need for omnichannel:

“With an increasing focus on an omnichannel, that is a well-functioning web part combined with a physical presence, there is less money to run the physical stores. The store managers are forced to provide better service for less money, and this is exactly where we can help the best,” says Henrik Ritlov.

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