SameSystem partners with Front Systems to unleash the potential of data-driven retail

In an increasingly competitive environment, retailers need to harness the full potential of data to succeed. A new partnership between two leading retail software companies, the workforce management solution SameSystem and POS solution Front Systems, empowers retailers to make better decisions based on data, giving their shared customers an edge on the competition.

There has been much talk of the challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retail in recent years. Although physical retail remains the preferred way to shop, retailers need to adapt to a changing world and utilise the potential of technology and real-time data to survive – and thrive.

Two leading retail software companies, POS solution (a modern, entirely digital cash-register) Front Systems and workforce management solution SameSystem, have partnered up to provide their customers with the data they need to make better decisions.

“By partnering with the best software providers in the retail industry, we create synergy for our shared customers. For SameSystem, integrations with POS solutions are essential because we use data from their advanced cash registers to predict the need for staffing with our Ai-driven forecasting. That way, POS integrations save salary costs for retailers during slow hours and help them ensure better customer experiences on busy hours,” says Mikael Christensen, CSO at SameSystem.

Roots firmly planted in retail

Both SameSystem and Front Systems have their roots firmly planted in the retail industry, which makes them a great match and creates value for their customers, according to Jesper Sørensen, CCO at Front Systems.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with SameSystem, a leading workforce management provider. SameSystem and Front Systems were both founded on the initiative of experienced retailers, and we continue to target this group specifically. This gives our solutions unique depth and relevance to retail, making a positive difference for our customers every day. With our new integration, we ensure even better data, giving retailers greater insights to make better decisions,” he says.

Mikael Christensen agrees that SameSystem and Front Systems are a perfect match.

“Front Systems is a particularly exciting partner because they are one of the most advanced POS solutions on the market and because they are a major player in Norway as well as in Denmark. SameSystem has ambitious goals for our international growth, and this kind of integration is exactly what we need to scale our business and increase our international presence.”

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