SameSystem signs agreement with international home audio retailer HiFi Klubben

HiFi Klubben has chosen SameSystem as their workforce management solution provider. The home audio retailer will benefit from SameSystem’s advanced solution and its international presence.

Soon HiFi Klubben will use SameSystem to ensure perfect planning and optimised staffing in their 90 stores. The home audio retailer is an international brand with stores across Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands) and is headquartered in Denmark.

HiFi Klubben plans to focus even more on international growth and aims to open new stores abroad, which is an important reason why they have chosen SameSystem as their workforce management solution provider.

”We chose SameSystem because of their strong international profile. At HiFi Klubben we have been in contact with most of their offices in Europe, and their local knowledge combined with their advanced solution is exactly what we need to support our international growth, says Henrik Wieben, Chief Retail Officer.

At SameSystem, CEO Henrik Salicath looks forward to welcoming another prominent international brand.

“Given how HiFI Klubben is known for quality and superior product knowledge, we are super proud that they have chosen SameSystem. It further strengthens our position within the European retail workforce management market where we aim to be the leading WFM solution. We can’t wait for HiFi Klubben to explore the advantages of a full retail workforce management solution that seamlessly complies with laws and regulations across Europe,” says Salicath.

SameSystem A/S ARR guidance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021, remains unchanged at 41.8mio.DKK.

About SameSystem:

SameSystem A/S provides a cloud-based workforce management solution, tailored for retailers and foodservice businesses. The solution helps increase sales and minimize expenses with accurate and effortless planning, using forecasting and other cutting-edge technologies to secure the right amount of staffing on an hourly basis.

SameSystem is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and has offices in Spain, the UK France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Lithuania. The company has 130 employees, and its workforce management solution is implemented in more than 800 retail stores and foodservice businesses with over 141.000 daily users. SameSystem has a customer satisfaction rate of 99,3 % and a churn rate (percentage of customers who end their subscription) of 3,1 %.

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