Select UK & Ireland is no newcomer to workforce management systems

Apple reseller Select, based in the UK and Ireland, is no newcomer when it comes to workforce management systems. In fact, they have tried a couple of other systems over the last few years before settling on SameSystem. According to Martine Samuel-Maher, People Operations Manager at Select, the issues with other solutions are generally varying in the accuracy of the information for payroll, particularly regarding holidays, and simply not being very easy to use.

From the outset, Select, which operates 23 shops in the UK and five in Ireland as well as a web shop, found SameSystem’s solution to be exactly the opposite. “SameSystem is very easy to use from an operations perspective, both for onboarding new users, off-boarding of leavers and changes to positions for existing users, which are all very straightforward to do now. Additionally, our store leaders find the scheduling function helps them plan for the period ahead and is really easy to use. And our payroll team is very confident in the information provided to them by the system.

In short, we are very satisfied with using SameSystem and are looking forward to including new features in our working practices.”, says Martine.

Soon, everyone in Select will benefit from using the new Long Term Planner feature, which will make it easier for staff to request and book holidays and free time going forward – and next year, when Select has been using the SameSystem solution for a whole year, they will be able to calculate the Bradford Factor Score based on historical data.

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