Shaping New Tomorrow enters collaboration with SameSystem

The Danish clothing chain Shaping New Tomorrow enters collaboration with the workforce management system SameSystem. The chain that started as a brick-and-mortar store today operates in an interplay between physical and online retail. Here, customers expect the same streamlined experience when they visit a store as when they shop online. Shaping New Tomorrow is on an international growth journey, and according to Store Manager Martin Bundgaard, SameSystem is the obvious choice for a partner to bring on this journey.

Since Shaping New Tomorrow participated in Løvens Hule (the Danish version of the television show about entrepreneurship Dragon’s Den) in 2018, the Danish startup has been on quite the journey. The clothing chain, which started with a single physical store in Aalborg, began investing heavily in online retail. Today, Shaping New Tomorrow is a complex interplay between online and physical retail, which places great demands on the chain and its employees:

“Our physical stores and webshop are extremely closely connected. We are constantly working on giving customers the same seamless experience when they visit a store as when they shop online. This places great demands on the individual stores being staffed correctly,” says store manager in Shaping New Tomorrow Martin Bundgaard.

According to Shaping New Tomorrow, there is only one way to solve this challenge, and that is through increased digitalisation of the workforce management part of the business:

“SameSystem has many ingenious features when it comes to opimising workforce management. We are especially looking forward to using the forecasting feature that, based on large amounts of data, can tell when each store will be busy. We can then staff accordingly,” says Martin Bundgaard.

Germany is the next stop

The growth journey continues for the Aalborg-based company, and the next stop is Germany, where the chain will open its fifth store in the country’s capital Berlin in July. SameSystem is based in Denmark and is present in 24 countries, which, according to Martin Bundgaard, is very attractive when you, as a Danish company, have your eyes set on Europe:

“SameSystem is at the forefront of the markets we want to enter in the long run. They know all the pitfalls, and they help us steer clear of them. Additionally, they are compliant with local rules about everything from holiday accrual to overtime, which means that we will save a lot of money on legal aid,” says Martin Bundgaard.

Tailored to the needs of Shaping New Tomorrow

Henrik Ritlov, CEO of SameSystem, has since SameSystem was founded in 2008, experienced an increasing demand for solutions that speak to the needs that Martin Bundgaard and the rest of Shaping New Tomorrow experience:

“With an increasing focus on omnichannel, i.e., a well-functioning web part combined with a physical presence, there is less money to run physical stores. Store managers must provide better service for less money, and this is precisely where we help the best and utilise the full potential of our software,” says Henrik Ritlov.

About Shaping New Tomorrow

Shaping New Tomorrow is a Danish clothing company which was established in 2015. The chain was founded by three childhood friends who set out to change the way people think about traditional menswear by combining comfort and style. Today, Shaping New Tomorrow is present online and in Denmark’s largest cities and is in the process of a major expansion in Germany, which so far includes Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and soon Berlin.


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