Sinnerup chooses SameSystem for the digital management of 250 employees

Since September, Danish SameSystem has collaborated with the design and lifestyle company Sinnerup on digital employee management of the company’s webshop and their 12 physical stores in Denmark. SameSystem handles everything from employment contracts to iBeacon attendance tracking for the retail company’s 250 employees. Having the correct number of employees at the right time is essential for the retail industry. That is why Sinnerup requested a solution to help owners, managers and employees with planning and administration of the company’s webshop and stores.

Sinnerup is a 50-year-old design and lifestyle company with approximately 250 employees spread over their office, webshop, 12 stores and a cafe in Denmark, as well as two stores in Germany.

Since SameSystem went live in 2008, the company has endeavoured to create a digital solution that optimises and improves how stores are run. In September, the Danish-listed company entered into an agreement with Sinnerup, who sees great value in implementing SameSystem’s employee management tools.

“We have approximately 250 employees here at Sinnerup, divided between the office, the webshop and the stores. We have long been looking for a system that could help us keep an overview and relieve ourselves in the administration of our stores and employees. SameSystem and the functions they offer are a huge help here,” says Lone Bredkjær, who daily oversees the stores and employees and has, among other things, responsibility for shift planning.

Employees at the right time and place

In the retail industry, where several stores often have to be managed and where there is a tendency for more frequent employee turnover, workforce management solutions can handle a large part of the work. SameSystem’s functions include, for example, contract generation, POS integration and forecasting. At Sinnerup, SameSystem’s functions for employee management, including contract generation and attendance tracking, have been particularly important.

“SameSystem’s solution has helped us keep an overview of all our stores, which can sometimes be difficult when we also have the webshop part. We are particularly happy with shift planning, attendance tracking and contract generation – especially during the Christmas month when we employ Christmas assistants. And then, we look forward to using the entire forecast function. I know it will help us manage our employees in the best possible way,” says Lone from Sinnerup. At SameSystem, they share the vision that planning and an overview are essential for this particular industry, where their digital solutions are designed to help companies optimise, manage and plan:

“We aim to create solutions for retailers that can ease the administrative burdens and create the necessary overview so they can spend their time where it is vital, namely with the customers. It is alpha omega for the operation of the company and the good customer experience that the resources are used correctly so that there is the right number of employees at the right time,” says Jesper Karbæk Ryskin, Marketing and Communication Director at SameSystem.

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