Sportmaster enters new agreement with SameSystem ahead of expansion

Sportmaster is planning an expansion, and they are bringing SameSystem’s workforce management solution on the journey. They chose SameSystem on the basis of almost ten years of collaboration that has streamlined and eased the workload for Sportsmaster when it comes to managing staffing and resources. SameSystem looks forward to further facilitating and optimising workflows for Sportsmaster’s more than 1,000 employees across 75 stores. The agreement comes shortly after SameSystem entered into a major agreement with the department store Magasin.

Denmark’s oldest sporting goods retailer, Sportmaster, extends its collaboration with SameSystem ahead of its Danish expansion, where Sportmaster, among other initiatives, plans to open new stores. The almost 50-year-old retailer was acquired in 2019 by Sportmaster Ltd., one of the world’s largest sporting and outdoor retailers with more than 660 stores and 26,000 employees. Ahead of their upcoming expansion, the Danish branch of the organisation decided that SameSystem is the right companion for the journey:

“Since 2013, we have had a really good collaboration with SameSystem that has covered our workforce management needs, and we have therefore chosen to extend the agreement,” says Louise Vedel, Head of Finance at Sportmaster, about the contract that currently runs until 2024.

According to Louise Vedel, SameSystem has a range of different tools that make it easier for Sportmaster’s stores and administration to work even more efficiently, which is precisely what a chain like Sportmaster needs:

“We have implemented several omnichannel solutions in Sportmaster to create a better customer journey. When a customer visits one of our physical stores after seeing a product online they want to try, we must be ready to service them immediately. Otherwise, the customer loses patience, and we may end up giving a bad experience, which is why we need to be able to plan shifts optimally with the right number of employees with the right skills on the floor at the right time,” says Louise Vedel.

High demand for WFM in the high-service segment

Louise Vedel’s description resonates with CEO at SameSystem, Henrik Salicath, who, together with his team, has identified an increasing need for WFM solutions in what he describes as the high-end segment:

“We are experiencing a high demand from stores like Sportmaster where employees have to offer an excellent and specialised service to ensure conversions. Sportmaster is part of the high-service segment, which differs from other segments by having a more hands-on customer journey involving running tests, equipment advice, etc. Knowledgeable employees who can provide specialised advice are not easy to come by, and they are incredibly valuable to these retailers. That is why sporting goods retailers like Sportsmaster have to manage their staff resources carefully – and we help them with that,” says CEO Henrik Salicath, who welcomes the extension of the customer agreement.

Sportmaster is part of SameSystems’ portfolio of sports and outdoor retailers, which also includes Intersport, Sportigan and Sport24.

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