The Spanish market is ripe for SameSystem. Here are three reasons why

SameSystem is making significant progress in the Spanish market, where workforce management is a relatively new concept. Learn why Spain and SameSystem are a great match.

SameSystem opened its office in Spain in 2019. Since then, things have moved fast, and today the company has its second-biggest customer base in Spain – only exceeded by the one in Denmark where SameSystem was founded.

Sigrid van de Scheur, Country Sales Manager Spain, has overseen the Spanish office since the beginning. She has experienced a significant increase in interest from Spanish retailers and restaurateurs.

“Last year alone, I had 350 meetings with potential customers. On top of that, more and more Spanish retailers and foodservice businesses know us already when we reach out to them,” van de Scheur says.


Sigrid van de Scheur

Country Sales Manager Spain. She has a solid background in sales and retail.

But why this increasing interest in SameSystem?

1. Great untapped potential

Workforce Management solutions are relatively new to the Spanish market. Van de Scheur believes this is an important reason why SameSystem is making progress there.

“In most Spanish retail and hospitality businesses, there is still a great untapped potential in terms of automating processes. There are no WFM competitors who are as developed here”, she says.

“SameSystem is never not relevant in the Spanish market. If customers turn down our solution, they usually don’t have the most basic software in place yet, like a PoS or ERP. They tell us: We need to get the basics in order first, but then we’ll definitively get back to you.”

2. SameSystem is a flexible solution

SameSystem tailors to both one-location businesses and big international enterprises, which makes it a flexible solution.

“For small businesses, it is a great advantage that SameSystem collects all digital tools in one solution, i.e., attendance tracking, scheduling tools, digital signatures. They never have to shuffle between systems and have a much better overview.”

“Big enterprises, on the other hand, are impressed by the scalability of the system and features such as forecasting that reduces costs across the organisation.”

3. Supports customers every step of the way

Finally, SameSystem is there for its customers every step of the way.

“When you are new to Workforce Management – and maybe even to digitalisation – it creates security to know that SameSystem accompanies you every step of the way. We guide customers and train them and make sure that the transition is a success,” she says.

“When customers are up and running, they have access to free, unlimited support in Spanish, ensuring that help is always within reach.”

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