Innovative Spanish retail universe chooses SameSystem for managing employees

WOW concept, a new innovative retail project spearheaded by the Spanish retail leader Dimas Gimeno, will use SameSystem’s artificial intelligence to plan their staffing, ensuring better customer experiences and a higher employee retention.

WOW concept is a new innovative retail universe that connects brands and people who seek exclusivity and innovation at the intersection of physical and online retail. The project was launched by Dimas Gimeno, a renowned and highly successful Spanish retail leader, and will open its flagship store in Madrid on 10 March 2022.

To give customers a vision of tomorrow’s retail, Wow concept has partnered with a number of major technology companies, including SameSystem that will help the retailer forecast sales and the need for staffing.

Andrea Lopez, Retail Director at WOW concept, has tested several workforce management tools during her long career in the retail industry. For her, one of the main reasons for choosing SameSystem was the company’s deep knowledge of the retail industry.

“We chose SameSystem’s workforce management solution because it allows us to anticipate the need for personnel and ensure the perfect distribution of our staff. The most important thing when planning in retail is to provide great customer service at all times while avoiding moments with too much or too little staff”.

Increased employee satisfaction

SameSystem improves customer experiences in more than one way. Besides helping retailers plan better, SameSystem also increases employee loyalty, which is essential because a high employee turnover has a negative impact on the service level in stores.

According to Andrea, SameSystem creates transparency for employees and gives them more control of their work lives.

“With SameSystem, our employees can control their schedules, attendance tracking and holidays in an app in a transparent way, and they communicate through chat, as well as read and sign contracts and documents digitally,” she says.

Thorough training and ongoing support

SameSystem trains its customers thoroughly as part of the implementation process, and WOW concept is no exception. Before the inauguration of WOW concept, Sigrid van de Scheur, SameSystem’s Country Sales Manager in Spain, and her team visited the company to train all their employees.

“Training and support are very important for us because it ensures a successful implementation and helps us maintain a 99.3 % customer satisfaction. Managers and sales assistants can always reach out to us through chat and telephone, and we have even introduced face-to-face training,” says van de Scheur.

Although all customers benefit from SameSystem’s approach to training and support, Sigrid van de Scheur stresses that WOW concept is something special.

“We are very excited about working with such an advanced and visionary retail company. The cooperation with WOW concept will assert SameSystem’s position as the preferred workforce management provider for innovative retail companies across Europe.”

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