You don’t have to be a major international chain to benefit from SameSystem

You don’t have to be a major international chain to benefit from SameSystem. Recently, Danish specialist Mulles Thehus, a franchise specialising in luxury tea, gourmet sweets and other specialities, has chosen SameSystem for managing their two branches.

For any store, you must fulfil the expectations of customers, which include having the right number of staff with the right skills and competencies to give the customers the buying experience they are looking for. For Mulles Thehus, those requirements are no different.

That is why forecasting the number of customers expected to visit the store in a day and when they come is just as important for smaller retailers as it is for Bestseller. Every customer experience is vital for future success.

One of the other obstacles for store management is the time you spend on administration tasks, keeping you off the floor and away from your customers. And most of these tasks revolve around the schedule: Aligning with your part-time employees when they can be in the store, ensuring they know when they are scheduled to work, checking that the schedule reflects the actual hours worked and ensuring correct salary payouts.

All that is automated with SameSystem, meaning store management is able to spend time on the floor with the customers. This is important for any store, and no less for a smaller setup, where personal relations with the customers are often part of the success.

And lastly, being able to attract skilled staff is an important factor, as they are the ones that make good customer service happen. A modern digital system where they always know exactly when to work, and can be an active part in the own schedule is an attraction and motivation factor that is important in any customer service-oriented business.

For Kamilla, the owner of Mulles Thehus, switching to a system built for retail and food service come with many positive expectations:

“Enabling my staff to be an active part in the planning will not only save me a lot of time, but also means that my most committed employees actively can be a part of making themselves available to being assigned in the store, so I can ensure the best setup in the stores both when they are busy, and when we are doing backoffice tasks like unpacking goods.

The system will also provide me with an easy overview of the results on a daily basis allowing me to react and adjust on very short notice. And automatising tasks like updating the schedule with changed working hours, salary calculation and payout, digital employee contracts and all the other things SameSystem will fix for me will provide me with much more time to focus on developing my business rather than spending time on backoffice admin”.

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