SameSystem improves workflows in Denmark’s largest men’s clothing company

Tøjeksperten runs 115 stores in Denmark, which places great demands on work processes. The company uses SameSystem to optimise workflows and minimise administration across the organisation.

Countless administrative tasks need to be solved every single day in Denmark’s largest men’s clothing company, Tøjeksperten. The retail company uses SameSystem to ease workflows and administrative work across the organisation.

“SameSystem helps us in two important ways: The solution automates a great deal of administration and helps increase sales and revenue in our stores,” says Jacob Raahauge, Retail Manager in Tøjeksperten, and elaborates:

“In all businesses, the most important thing is to generate revenue, which you do in the stores – not by handling Excel sheets in the backroom office. With SameSystem, we free up time and are able to focus on selling products.”

An invaluable overview

Jacob Raahauge uses SameSystem daily, and the solution helps him stay on top of budgets and sales.

“Today, I have a much better overview of the business, and I can, for instance, compare sales to budgets and salary hours. SameSystem also gives all store managers the chance to adjust staffing based on data, taking salary costs and customer experiences into account”, he says.

Retail managers and store managers aren’t the only ones benefitting from SameSystem.

“With SameSystem, everyone in the store sees sales targets for the day and month in the cash register. All the daily sales budgets are based on SameSystem since budget numbers in SameSystem are automatically transferred to our cash register,” says Jacob Raahauge.

“The increased transparency inspires motivation for additional sales for employees, which ultimately benefits the entire company.”

Creates security for the entire organisation

SameSystem’s many features have optimised workflows from the sales floor to the head office in Tøjeksperten.

“With SameSystem, we’re always on top of schedules and hours, and employees have access to all the information they need, for instance vacation balances. This creates security and job satisfaction, which ultimately helps improve the bottom line,” says Jacob Raahauge.

SameSystem also offers tools to ease HR and administration in Tøjeksperten.

“We both have automated payrolls and digital contracts in SameSystem. Considering how employee turnover is high in retail, it gives great security to have SameSystem’s digital contract module, which is GDPR-compliant and enables us to make contracts in no time.”, says Jacob Raahauge.

“SameSystem saves us many hours of work in the HR department. We can handle most administration with a couple of clicks on the computer.”

About Tøjeksperten:

Tøjeksperten is Denmark’s largest men’s clothing company with a big selection of everything from T-shirts to suits.

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