What’s so special about Norway? Three reasons why SameSystem is making progress here

SameSystem has offices in nine countries across Europe, each market with specific characteristics and distinctive needs. Learn what sets the Norwegian workforce management market apart and what SameSystem has to offer retail and hospitality in Norway.

Since David Wall, SameSystem’s Country Manager in Norway, was a young boy, he’s been picking apart gramophone players to see how they work and challenging outdated manual processes.

As the spearhead of SameSystem in Norway, David Wall brings this curiosity and passion for technology to work every day. He firmly believes that workforce management solutions are the way forward for retailers and restaurateurs.

“To run a profitable business, you need to spend your time – and your employees’ time – wisely. Digitalisation saves time and reduces errors, and you remove some of the most tedious tasks from your employees’ workday – for instance, calculating bonus hours or drawing up contracts, says Wall.

“With SameSystem, retailers and restaurateurs have access to all employee data and tools in one platform, massively reducing manual processes and paperwork.”

Norway: A highly digitalised market

Although the benefits of reducing manual processes are universal, Norway differs from many of SameSystem’s other growth markets by being a highly digitalised country. Consequently, many Norwegian retail stores and restaurants have had a workforce management solution for several years already, Wall explains.

“In Norway, SameSystem doesn’t need to introduce the concept of workforce management. Instead, our job is to show retailers and restaurateurs the benefits of switching to a modern solution, since many Norwegian first-movers who found a workforce management partner early on now have outdated systems.”

With an increasing market share and prominent customers like Bunnpris, Bestseller and Lampehuset, SameSystem is well-established in Norway, and Wall believes that SameSystem has what it takes to become a local workforce management leader and disrupt existing players.

But what exactly does SameSystem offer Norwegian customers that other workforce management solutions in the country don’t?

1. Optimized staffing with AI-powered forecasting

According to Wall, having the right amount of people in your store at the right time is paramount, and the task is not as easily handled as most people would think. Being able to take into factors such as seasonality, holidays, weather forecast, historical revenue and staff competencies are key to be able to ensure optimal planning and ensure profitability.

“SameSystem’s forecasting is what separates us from most other traditional workforce management systems. The cutting edge machine learning technology has helped our customers save thousands of euros in salary costs and ensure that the staff can make the most out of each individual customer that comes into their location. It’s truly where the magic between the machines and humans is created, says Wall”

2. Integrations

Integrations, where different software solutions are able to communicate seamlessly, are becoming increasingly important – not just in enterprise companies, but also small and medium-sized companies.

“By tapping into an ecosystem of software solutions, where POS systems, customer counters, payroll systems etc., are connected, you never have to switch between systems. You have all the data you could ask for at your fingertips, allowing you to make smarter, data-driven decisions,” says David Wall.

3. Onboarding and unlimited support

It can be a major project to implement a new software solution, which is why SameSystem offers a thorough activation process as well as free unlimited support when the solution is up and running.

“SameSystem takes responsibility for onboarding new customers, coordinating the process and helping them set up and adjust the solution to fit their needs. The approach to support is also quite different from competitors. It’s free for everyone in the organisation and readily available, meaning you never have to figure out why something isn’t working for you on your own,” says Wall.

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