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Making perfect planning easy, and administrative tasks a breeze -
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Fantastic platform for our stores. Great customer service and support. Highly recommended.

Lisa Butler, Retail Director

SameSystem is now successfully implemented and provides a perfect overview of all our departments.

Dennis Hansen, Concession Manager

Shop managers now have a strong tool to control resources. It has contributed to several consecutive years of improved salary percentage, even during the financial crisis.

Thomas Just Rasmussen, COO

When we switched to SameSystem, we realized the opportunities were wider as we, for instance, were able to integrate our schedule sheets directly with our payroll system

Peter Høyer, Director

I now have a great tool in my everyday life - making it possible for me to respond to fluctuations in turnover and labour.

Peter Henriksen, CEO

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Retail Workforce Management

More than 2 million hours planned every week

“In the busy retail environment, having exactly the features relevant to retail, and making them easy to use, is paramount”

Henrik Ritlov, CEO of SameSystem