Perfect retail workforce management - made by retailers

Making perfect planning easy and administrative tasks a breeze - allowing you to focus on sales and retail operations.

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Increase sales and reduce operating cost

With SameSystem, your stores plan according to when customers are in the store. No lost sales and no overstaffing.

Spend less time on store administration

The many integrations save time for both store staff and HR while eliminating human error.

Improve employee retention and teamwork in retail

Happy employees focus on their primary jobs, sell more, are better colleagues, and stay longer in the company.

Retail reporting and management overview

The ideal management tools to stay on top of your business.

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SameSystem is now successfully implemented and provides a perfect overview of all our departments.

Dennis Hansen, Concession Manager

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Retail Workforce Management

More than 2 million hours planned every week

About SameSystem

SameSystem is a Workforce Management Solution that handles planning and administration in retail stores and foodservice businesses. The solution focuses entirely on what matters in retail and foodservice: Boosting growth, reducing expenses, saving time and keeping your staff motivated.

In the busy retail environment, having exactly the features relevant to retail, and making them easy to use, is paramount.

Henrik Ritlov, co-founder of SameSystem