Elevate your business with SameSystem!

Learn how a Workforce Management Solution can optimise your operations.

SameSystem is an online workforce solution made specifically for
retail and food service by industry experts

SameSystem combines optimal workforce planning and attendance tracking with budget, salary, and HR tools in one modern workforce solution. SameSystem is continually developed together with partners such as Bestseller, Pandora and Restaurant Flammen to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve employee satisfaction.

More sales, less administration

Advanced and easy-to-use planning tools made specifically for retail and food service mean your managers plan based on industry-leading forecasting hour-by-hour. Unnecessary overstaffing is avoided, and no customers are lost during busy periods. Your managers will have more time on the floor and be less bound to the desk.

Lower costs and better processes

Both staff and the administration save time while eliminating possible human errors. Data for your salary run is easily exported, and detailed sales numbers are automatically imported from your PoS. SameSystem ensures central decisions are immediately implemented in daily operations.

Always accessible

Your employees always have the right schedule, as well as KPIs and results, on their phones with the SameSystem app. Misunderstandings about working hours and salaries are a thing of the past. Employee satisfaction is increased, and staff turnover is reduced. Management gets a full and detailed overview of all KPIs in one place and can easily track the results of locations on a daily basis from both a desktop and the app.

More sales, less administration

SameSystem is a complete solution without any added cost for functions or future additions. The retail and food service businesses are constantly developing, and we make sure you stay ahead, regularly adding new functions and tools developed together with our partners and customers. With SameSystem, you will always have state-of-the-art workforce management.