Easy and efficient payroll software and salary calculator for retail & food services

No matter how complex your salary structure is, SameSystem will automatically ensure accurate payrolls.

Importance and benefits of an automated payroll service

Managing payroll is a time-consuming and detail-sensitive process. The consequence of getting details wrong when running payrolls is dissatisfied employees and more administrative work in order to right the wrongs – in other words, something we would like to avoid.

With SameSystem’s automated payroll software, payrolls are run automatically. You save the administrative time you normally spend on handling payrolls, and you also avoid manual typos entirely.


Payrolls are connected to SameSystem’s administration software, where your employees’ contracts and salaries appear. That way, the salary is always correct.

If an employee has worked overtime, the system will automatically include this and remunerate the employee in accordance with the relevant terms and agreements.

And if an employee has been given a new contract with new terms regarding salary, this will be updated directly in the SameSystem payroll service, and the employee will be remunerated accordingly and correctly.

Branch Managers have the option to revise the information, and the payroll office can, in a manageable overview, see which branches have approved the wages.

Human error is a thing of the past, and the number of questions from staff about salary payouts is greatly reduced.

The best payroll software: Save valuable time spent on salary calculations

Traditional salary-calculation and reporting are stressful and time-consuming for both store managers and HR departments. But, there are easy ways to implement a hassle-free payroll administration to make your retail operations run as smoothly as possible. With SameSystem, an updated, complete, and approved schedule is already in place. We set up all salary supplements and collective agreements to make sure correct wage data is exported to your salary system – with just a couple of clicks.

Payrolls based on automated salary parameters

Automating workflows makes everything easier. With SameSystem, all factors are automatically taken into account when calculating salaries — for example, how many hours the employee has worked, at what rate, bonus hours, overtime pay, holiday, leave of absence and maternity leave. The Payroll System will manage all the activities end-to-end.

Exporting wage reductions

If employees use more annual leave days than they have accrued, SameSystem can automatically export the wage type that is used for reduction in wages. Furthermore, the payroll system will customise wage settings that correlate to your organisation’s specific policies, reimbursements and other elements of the pay cycles.

Get started optimising your retail & foodservices operations

In order for all internal processes to run as smoothly as possible, SameSystem makes sure that you have all the necessary workforce management and HR tools at hand.

Besides having access to the automated payroll service, you also gain access to all the services included in our complete Workforce Management System. This includes our digital contract module – from which the salary system can pull information about wages, supplements, etc., and use this data to calculate the proper payrolls. Everything is automated from start to finish – so you can focus your energy on more important matters. The reporting module also gives you all the necessary tools to get an overview of your business – for example, with only a few clicks you can pull absence reports and export statutory reports to the authorities. The result is a complete and manageable experience for you and your employees. What SameSystem’s digital features all have in common is that they free up valuable time that instead can be spent on customers or on training new employees to become even better at their jobs.

Would you like to automate the company's administrative processes so that you and your employees can focus more on your core tasks? Then SameSystem is the answer!

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