Easy retail budgeting that delivers precise results

SameSystem’s artificial intelligence calculates accurate budgets, ensuring best practices and efficient operations - today and tomorrow

SameSystem’s artificial intelligence calculates reliable monthly and daily budgets with formulas based on neural networking. It accounts for factors like turnover, transactions, day of the week and dates.

Easy budgeting: How SameSystem’s AI budget planner works

The traditional time-consuming calculations of monthly and daily budgets require detailed knowledge of the stores but also extensive data from multiple sources. Consequently, it is crucial to have a concise budget plan for the business to thrive.
With a good budget plan, you can maximise your profit, and you have an overview of what costs could be cut in the future.
SameSystem’s Budget Planner unfolds new future perspectives and business potential – and offers an intelligent way of identifying overlooked opportunities. This is especially important in the fast-paced world of retail, where predicting day-to-day changes can make or break a given day’s turnover. But, it takes time and a lot of experience to accurately assess and estimate what will happen the next day, next month, or next year.
Mastering retail budgeting is a time consuming and challenging exercise. Once you master the art of budgeting, however, you are able to create the necessary framework needed to thrive as a business. Budget planning from SameSystem handles all the complicated processes, and it has never been easier to plan ahead.

Why invest in budgeting software for businesses?

With a well-functioning digital retail budget plan, you can easily set realistic goals that can be met quickly and efficiently. By always having an accurate representation of your business’s key financial ratios, you can much more efficiently plan a realistic and ambitious budget that drives the business forward.

The SameSystem Retail Budget Plan supplies your company with extensive data about future turnover and generates a detailed and accurately estimated budget plan. Having this kind of business budgeting software enables you to mitigate against unforeseen circumstances.

Being backed by data-driven intelligence allows you to make critical decisions based on proper information. The result is a scalable and profitable solution that considers all relevant details when planning your retail business budgets.

Budgets based on advanced calculations

SameSystem suggests budgets based on advanced calculations that account for the exact composition of the month; shifted days, closed days, events, and other determining factors are considered. Enter the expected company-wide growth, then all budgets will be in place, and the store manager can plan accordingly.

Budget Forecasting: More precise measures of expected turnover and visitors

The expected turnover and traffic flow of upcoming events are also very precisely predicted based on the history of similar events. In this way, you can eliminate unnecessary costs and be prepared for all events.

Get started optimising your retail & foodservice operations

The budget plan is easy to implement and fits perfectly with SameSystems’ many other HR functions and management tools. All functions are important building blocks that together and individually promote and streamline the work processes. Additionally, SameSystem will help make your business operations hassle-free and manageable for all parties involved. Besides having access to the AI-driven Budget Planner, our complete Workforce Management System gives you access to our digital contract module, and you can easily run payrolls in our automated payroll system, which pulls data from your shift schedules. The reporting module also gives you all the necessary tools to get an overview of your business – for example, with only a few clicks you can pull absence reports and export statutory reports to the authorities. The result is a complete and manageable experience for you and your employees. SameSystem’s digital features all have in common that they free up valuable time that instead can be spent on customers or on training new employees to become even better at their jobs.

Would you like to automate the company's retail budget plan and other administrative processes, so you and your employees can focus on your core tasks? Then SameSystem is the answer!

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