Retail end-user support

Our support is free of charge and open for all SameSystem users, no matter what your role in your company is. If you are in doubt about anything, please reach out to our professional retail support-teams.

UK: +44 20 8125 4730


I cannot remember my password - how do I retrieve it?

You can easily retrieve it through our login page, where you click "Forgot Password?". You can also contact your managers - they can reset your password in the system. After the reset, you will be prompted to choose a new password when you log in.

I cannot remember my user email - are you able to let me know what it is?

Security is fundamental to SameSystem, and we will never give out an email address from the system. If you cannot remember your email, contact your manager or your company's administration.

How do I get a login to SameSystem?

Your login credentials will be sent in an email to you by your employer. If you can't see a mail with login credentials, check your spam folder. If you haven't received the login information, contact your manager or your company's administration.

When logging in for the first time, you must use a browser, so you can be prompted to create your personal password. When the password is generated, you can log in in the app as well.

All our supporters are experienced retailers

Don’t be afraid to ask very specific questions. Beside being experts on SameSystem, all our supporters have many years of experience working as store, district and retail managers. They know your workday!

Micha van Haren Supporter Netherlands

Micha van Haren
Supporter Netherlands
20+ years in retail

Amanda Djekic Larsen
Supporter Global
11 years in retail

Andrea Castberg Supporter Norway

Andrea Castberg
Supporter Norway
4 years in retail

Sarah Boje
Supporter Global
12 years in retail

Lenn Beck-Olsen
Supporter Global
20+ years in retail

Ditte Borch Supporter Global

Ditte Borch
Supporter Global
5 years in retail