Improve employee retention and
teamwork in retail

Happy employees focus on their primary jobs, sell more, are better colleagues, and stay longer in the company.

The SameSystem app is industry-leading in both functionality and user-friendliness

Makes the life of the employees much easier

No misunderstandings

Notifications to engage staff

Integrated communications-module and task management means the employees are never uncertain about what they are supposed to do, and which tasks they have to complete.

The Store Manager’s intelligent assistant

Store Managers will find that their daily work is greatly improved by all the tools tailored for retail, solving even complex situations quickly and easily. Administrative tasks are handled easily and efficiently, enabling them to spend more time on the shop floor and less at the desk.
As Store Managers always plan according to predicted flow and sales in the store, they will find it easier to meet both sales expectations and cost limits, while being confident that the planning lives up to all standards defined by management.
All throughout the system, managers will have exactly the tools they need. Automatic warnings will reassure them that everything they do are according to regulations, and overall rules defined by the company.

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