Increase sales and reduce operating cost

SameSystem prevents unnecessary costs due to overstaffing - while ensuring enough staff to achieve the maximum possible turnover in busy hours.

Flow planning

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Makes your stores plan according to when customers are in the store
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Advanced Artificial Intelligence predicts customer flow accurately
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Task Management allocates time to when an employee is off the floor

Less back office administration — more growth and development

A wide range of tools tailored for retail make everyday work much easier, enabling your managers to focus on how to grow and develop their store and staff.

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In the busy retail environment, having exactly the features relevant to retail, and making them easy to use, is paramount.

Henrik Ritlov, co-founder of SameSystem

Retail scheduling

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Perfect retail tools
Easy scheduling
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Helps the store manager with both daily and occasional tasks

Validated working hours

With SameSystem, there is no confusion: the only valid schedule is the one you see in the mobile app and browser.

Every day, all shifts are confirmed by the store manager, so there is no doubt that the plan matches what actually happened.


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Guarantees that the schedule and actual working hours are identical
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Employees register attendance with a single tap

We implemented SameSystem in all stores in October and November 2019. In hindsight, this was the best preparation we could ever have done for the Corona crisis.

Josef Konrad
Head of Retail and Expansion at VIU

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