HR tools that save time and improve store & foodservice administration

Screenshot of the vacation planner system
Screenshot of the vacation planner system

SameSystem continuously adds more automation and HR tools to its solution. Automatic salary calculation and reporting, a digital contract module, and general benefits for employee satisfaction are just some of the immediate benefits.

An effective and agile HR-managing system is critically important to be able to keep up with the pace in retail. Hiring new employees involves significant amounts of administrative work - with an automated HR solution from SameSystem, you can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks significantly, allowing you to focus on your core business instead.

SameSystem’s many human resource information system (HRIS) features enable you to manage everything from salary rates and timesheets to holidays and contractual changes for employees. Everything is automated and interconnected. For example, if you make a change to an employee’s contract, it will automatically be updated in the employee’s timesheet.

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Reduce administrative hassles

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Eliminate the possibility of manual errors

Free up time that can be spent on core business areas

HR tools that provide a holistic view of business processes

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SameSystem contains a complete database of your employees. All essential information is stored in the system, for instance wages and contact information. With SameSystem’s integrations, employee information from your payroll system can also be automatically imported. All features are GDPR compliant.

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Automatic updates to working conditions

With SameSystem, you can make updates in bulk, saving valuable time if you need to adjust working conditions for your employees. It is also possible to set up rules in SameSystem to manage regular changes. If you, for instance, have a predetermined scale of pay, SameSystem can handle promotions to a new pay scale automatically.

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Work hours and annual leave balance

Any change to the schedule will automatically be updated in employee balances - both working hours and annual leave. It is even possible to show the balance in the schedule, so employees always have access to updated information.

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Authorities in most countries require an extensive amount of data to be submitted, for instance, statistics on trade. SameSystem will automatically export all the needed data, saving both time and worry.

All reports can be sent to you automatically, for instance every Monday

The absence overview gives you a total overview perfect for both confirming data exported to your payroll system, and finding abnormal absence patterns.

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It is possible to filter and target searches to the smallest detail: time periods, days of the week, branches, positions, employees and types of absence. You always have documentation on absences, for instance, by how much and how often an employee has been late for work.

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You are automatically notified when sick days are eligible for reimbursement.

Complete payroll processing with just a couple of clicks

Check mark   Saves valuable time

Check mark   Human errors are a thing of the past

Check mark   Creates real-time clarity and transparency for employees

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Automating digital contracts for retailers

Check mark   Avoid paperwork

Check mark   Create contracts with one click

Check mark    Sign with digital signatures

Check mark    Automatic addenda

Improve staff loyalty and teamwork in retail

Happy employees focus on their primary jobs, sell more, are better colleagues, and stay longer in the company. With a digital HR solution, employees have greater administrative autonomy - through the app, employees can request holidays, communicate with colleagues, and clock in and out of work so there will be no uncertainty regarding personal KPIs and work efforts. It empowers employees to feel safe, secure, and responsible for their work.

Get started optimising your retail & foodservice operations with a holistic HR Solution

In order for all internal processes to run as smoothly as possible, SameSystem makes sure that you have all the necessary HR tools at hand.

In our complete Workforce Management System, you both have access to our digital contract module. You can easily run payrolls in our automated payroll system, which pulls data from your shift schedules.

The reporting module also gives you all the necessary tools to get an overview of your business - for example, with only a few clicks you can pull absence reports and export statutory reports to the authorities.

The result is a complete and manageable experience for you and your employees.

What all SameSystem’s digital features have in common are that they free up valuable time that instead can be spent on customers or on training new employees to become even better at their jobs.


Would you like to automate your company's administrative processes so you and your employees can focus more on your core tasks? Then SameSystem is the answer!

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