Data-driven workforce planner: anticipate the need for staffing – hour by hour

SameSystem flow planning interface
SameSystem planning interface

In the retail and restaurant industry, it is crucial to always have the right staff at work at the right time and place. With workforce planning tools based on artificial intelligence, you can anticipate the need for staff hour by hour - effectively eliminating both overstaffing and understaffing in your restaurants and shops.

By using a workforce planning tool, you are able to optimise the use of resources in your organisation. You save the company from many hours of redundant work time by ensuring limited staffing, and you increase sales in busy periods by offering fast and attentive customer service.

In other words, SameSystem allows you to plan based on the principles of demand management, where you adapt the capacity to meet needs and demand.

With data-driven forecasting that simultaneously includes strategic task management, you have all the necessary tools at hand to run a profitable business and achieve your business goals.

With SameSystem, your stores plan according to when customers are in the store. No lost sales and minimising overstaffing.

Optimising daily operations in your restaurant or retail stores that will better customer service and satisfaction.

Managers are notified automatically if a store is not planning according to expected customer flow, guaranteeing that all your stores are perfectly staffed in the future.

How do workforce planning and task management work?

Data-driven solutions

SameSystem’s forecasting is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. This allows you to base your business decisions on data rather than gut feelings - providing you with a holistic overview of your operations and giving you the power to optimise profits.

Screenshot of SameSystem flow planning interface
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Predict the number of guests and customer flow

Advanced artificial intelligence effectively predicts the number of guests and the customer flow. Based on data from budgets and transactions, the system tells how many employees need to be on the floor every single hour – affording your team the necessary prerequisites to providing optimal customer service.

Strategic placement of workers

The technology makes it possible for you to place employees optimally every hour of the day. When you can predict expected customer flow, managers have the ability to keep track of any situation. A data-driven overview will strengthen the internal processes and workflows among the employees. Ultimately, it also benefits the customers who will experience a business that is in control of the workflows.

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Screenshot of SameSystem task management interface

Task management

When an employee is completely or partly off the floor — for instance, checking inventory — a Task Management System will take this into account in the planning, ensuring productivity and efficiency. It has never been easier to delegate and prioritise tasks.

Personal productivity factors can be applied, e.g. making trainees count as less than experienced sales assistants

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Easy implementation

The strategic workforce planner is easy to implement and helps you grow your business effectively. Through optimally planned shift schedules and delegation of tasks, you are always guaranteed to fire on all cylinders.

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Tailored solutions

SameSystem ensures a smooth implementation, and we adapt the perfect solution to your specific company. We also prioritise onboarding your employees to ensure they transition well into the new system.

Get started optimising your retail & foodservice operations

In order for all internal processes to run as smoothly as possible, SameSystem makes sure that you have all the necessary HR tools at hand.

Besides having access to the strategic workforce planner, our complete Workforce Management System gives you access to our digital contract module. You can easily run payrolls in our automated payroll system, which pulls data from your shift schedules.

The reporting module also gives you all the necessary tools to get an overview of your business - for example, you can pull absence reports and export statutory reports to the authorities with only a few clicks.

The result is a complete and manageable experience for you and your employees.

What all SameSystem’s digital features have in common are that they free up valuable time that instead can be spent on customers or on training new employees to become even better at their jobs.


Would you like to automate the company's administrative processes so that you and your employees can focus more on your core tasks? Then SameSystem is the answer!

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