Automated digital contracts for retail & foodservice

Benefits of integrating digital contracts in retail

To run a smooth operation, it is vital to have a proper system in place to deal with digital contracts. Developing and signing contracts can be a tedious, stressful, and incredibly bureaucratic process.

At SameSystem, we provide a proper digital contract and signage platform that ensures consistency across locations.

Our electronic contract system lives up to all standards and local laws – and is GDPR-compliant. Digital contracts also have many other important benefits:


It is much easier to handle contracts with SameSystem – both for new employees and HR. You avoid paperwork and physical archives of contracts that are regulated by complex legislation.

Once we have uploaded contract templates, SameSystem can handle all contracts and addenda in the future.

Create contracts with one click. All employee data is pulled from the system, including job titles and start dates.

Digital signature: Why use them?

Send contracts digitally to employees who can sign them using their electronic digital signature. The signed contract is stored in SameSystem, and you don’t need a physical copy. This way, no data is lost in the different stages and cycles before the final approval.

The signature system can provide the kind of structure and overview you need in all the phases, from creating the contracts to the signature process. It eases the administrative workflow, and data is gathered and easily accessible. We also make sure that the contracts are intuitive and user-friendly!

Access the full history of an employee’s contracts and addenda in the system, no matter how far back they go or how many changes have been made.

When a contract is updated, e.g. an employee’s working hours or salary, an addendum can be automatically produced and sent.

You decide who can see and work with contracts.

With contracts created from data, you avoid errors from manual input

When you supplement your HR toolbox with digital contracts, it will help create the overview you need. You eliminate manual typing, which frees up work time, and you also eliminate the possibility of embarrassing rookie mistakes.

The result is way fewer administrative tasks, increased productivity, and more efficient work processes. By digitising and automating HR processes with a GDPR-compliant contract system, you also eliminate the risk of leaking sensitive data.

Digital contracts: Part of a well-functioning HR toolbox!

For everything to run as smoothly as possible, SameSystem gives you all the necessary HR tools at your fingertips.

With our complete workforce management solution, you both have access to a module for digital contracts and you can easily handle payroll processing with our automated payroll system that pulls data directly from your shift schedules. In our business intelligence module, you can stay on top of your stores and restaurants. You can pull statistics and export data with a few clicks– for instance to local and national authorities – and you always have a full overview of absence and sick days. The result is a complete and manageable experience for you and your employees. SameSystem’s digital solutions all have in common that they free up valuable time – time that instead can be spent on customers or training new employees to become the best at what they do.

Do you want to focus on planning ahead and act more proactively based on a data-driven foundation? Then start using SameSystem today!

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