Perfect Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling (WFS) | Retail Scheduling

Online retail shift scheduling, which enables you to make the right decisions, is the heart of retail performance.

With SameSystem, retail scheduling is based on KPIs and everyone will be planning optimally regardless of their level of experience.

Your store managers will find it easier to reach their goals, while the planning will meet the standards set by management – always.

Work scheduling on the go

Streamline your processes with work scheduling and retail staff tools from SameSystem, which gather all the necessary features in one system and provides a clear overview.
Be able to handle unexpected changes and challenges  in your shift planning. SameSystem automatically notifies employees of changes and updates their work schedules.
SameSystem will ultimately lead to fewer administrative burdens, misunderstandings and rookie mistakes – and create a much more stable business operation.
An effective work scheduling software puts you one step ahead of the competition. Also, employees and team leaders will experience greater involvement and responsibility for their own tasks and capacity planning.

Better overview + less time wasted = A healthy and profitable business operation

Other elements in WFS-scheduling from SameSystem include:

All employees have access to the updated schedule – both on the app and from a browser.

When a new plan is released, all employees are asked to confirm their shifts. The store manager can always see if an employee has confirmed the plan.

If the schedule is modified, the affected employees are asked to confirm that they have seen the changes.

In daily operations, the WFS Scheduling
helps the store manager with both
daily and occasional tasks:

It’s hassle-free to fill empty shifts with SameSystem. The solution can be set up to offer empty shifts to all employees automatically. When the employees have responded, the manager selects the preferred employee. The schedule is updated automatically, and all employees are informed.

It is easy to loan staff to another store, and the schedules are automatically updated, allocating salary costs to the right store.

If an employee is ill, SameSystem instantly sends shift requests to all employees not working that day. The store manager chooses between the available employees, everyone is notified, and the schedule is automatically updated.

If an employee arrives late, the schedule reflects that, and you have documentation for future reference.

All these elements of workforce scheduling work together to ease planning and administration in your business – andhelps you maintain a solid and consistent
overview on any given day.

Get started optimising your retail & foodservice operations

With SameSystem you get an effective online work scheduling software that all employees can access through an app on their phone (or through their browser). In itself, the WFS-software will help you enhance your business and profits. In addition to this, the SameSystem software also includes all the necessary HR tools needed for internal processes to run as smoothly as possible. In our complete Workforce Management System, you both have access to our digital contract module. You can easily run payrolls in our automated payroll system, which pulls data from your shift schedules. The reporting module also gives you all the necessary tools to get an overview of your business – for example, with only a few clicks you can pull absence reports and export statutory reports to the authorities. The result is a complete and manageable experience for you and your employees. What all SameSystem’s digital features have in common is that they free up valuable time that instead can be spent on customers or on training new employees to become even better at their jobs.

Would you like to automate the company's administrative processes so that you and your employees can focus more on your core tasks? Then SameSystem is the answer!

In the end, the most important process when operating a store is to schedule your staff in a productive way, so we are very happy to be able to do that now.

Josef Konrad
Head of Retail and Explansion at VIU

Let us show you how to integrate your new WFS Scheduling into your business