The perfect workforce management app for retail & foodservice

A powerful solution for a better workday

With customer expectations constantly on the rise, adapting to a modern workforce management software solution (WFM) has never been more important. A workforce management system will ensure a more agile and flexible way of conducting business across different platforms.

With SameSystem’s WFM-app, managers can handle work schedules, absence, and time registration directly from their phones. At the same time employees always have access to their updated work schedule.
It has never been easier to organise and administer time, money, and employees – for the benefit of customers, job satisfaction, and profit.
Your new workforce planner gives you a unique overview of stores and restaurants, regardless of whether you’re near a computer or on the go. With the WFM-app you have the ultimate tool at hand to streamline and optimise your business and ensure the optimal staffing plan.
With the SameSystem’s WFM-system, your staff and managers have the ultimate toolbox at their disposal. Every feature and button is designed to make their work lives easier.

A workforce system that provides overview and visibility for employees

On a daily basis, employees can see their schedule, the contact information of their colleagues, and any tasks they are supposed to complete that day. The WFM-system gives employees a complete overview of their work day, allowing them to focus on getting work done.

The system will unlock the power and potential of the employees as it provides greater transparency.

The workforce management system minimises administrative burdens – e.g. doubts about the work schedule, missing contact information of co-workers, and wasted time as a result of unclear tasks – and will consequently free up time for the employees who can focus on their primary tasks instead.

Less administration = more focused work time = happier customers = better profits

The WFM-system will also strengthen the staff’s ability to take ownership of their tasks. Through the app, the staff can plan their workday optimally in relation to the rest of the team, helping them take responsibility for the business.
As such, team scheduling with SameSystem’s WFM-system will result in happier employees, which in turn will increase loyalty. It minimises miscommunication and misunderstandings while simultaneously increasing productivity. The best solution will result in happier employees, who stay longer in the organisation and work way more efficiently, proactively, and foresightedly.

A clear overview for the employee

Your employees get a complete overview of the daily situation through the app. Amongst other things, you are able to tell which employees have punched in for work and in what period of time they’re available. From here, they are also able to see their daily tasks, eliminating doubts about what they’re supposed to do. Should any questions arise, the employee also has access to the contact information of relevant co-workers. An ideal function for big workspaces where you might not always be able to locate co-workers physically. You can also keep track of co-workers’ daily tasks – and thereby coordinate joint efforts or follow up on whether assignments have been completed yet etc.

Shift response options

Employees can request absence, respond to shifts they have been offered, and update their contact information. SameSystem will also ask them to review their contact information once in a while. With this feature, you and your employees will be able to stay on top of the workday – always. This will increase employee performance significantly. Furthermore, your employees can receive push notifications informing them about their shifts, increasing their ability to take responsibility for their assignments.

Absence approval

Managers can reject or approve absence requests directly from the app. With the SameSystem workforce management tool, managers have the necessary overview of absences – even if they’re not physically present at the workplace. This feature will strengthen the flexibility and efficiency of daily operations.

If you utilise SameSystem’s iBeacon-technology for time registration, you can also handle the daily approval of work schedules directly from the app. As a manager, you will also have access to detailed insights about employees’ deviations – e.g. if they stick around after hours, show up late, or abruptly interrupt their work.

Besides that, employees can add comments to their registrations which managers will be able to consider and approve directly from the app. The WFM-app ensures transparency, co-responsibility for the daily operations, and gives the necessary overview of the workplace to grow and scale.

Of course, everything the app can do, you can also do from the web interface. No non-smartphone users will be lost.

Get started optimising your retail & foodservice operations

At SameSystem, we are workforce management experts. Naturally, we always make sure to implement your new, intelligent software correctly in relation to your existing systems. Are you interested in integrating the exact amount of work hours and absence hours directly into your payroll system? This data from your shift schedules transferred into your salary calculations with just a few clicks. As such, you can increase the efficiency of how you spend your time and resources. Read more about the many benefits of having a complete HR system here. When you decide on using SameSystem’s WFM-app, you’re simultaneously saying yes to time savings and cost-effective processes. The goal is to free up valuable time that would be better used on customers and employees. Spend the time talking with your customers, gaining an understanding of their needs, and run your business accordingly. Or spend the time boosting employee satisfaction and training new employees to become the best.

Do you want to focus on planning ahead and act more proactively based on a data-driven foundation? Then start using SameSystem today!

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