SameSystem partners with Zenegy to optimise payroll processes

SameSystem, a leading workforce management provider, and Zenegy, an advanced payroll system, have entered a new partnership to optimise payroll processes in retail and foodservice.

Three clicks. When SameSystem and Zenegy are fully integrated, that is all it will take to handle payrolls. The two software companies have joined forces to help their customers optimise operations and ease administration.

With the integration, updated schedules and accurate salary data can seamlessly be exported from the workforce management solution SameSystem to Zenegy’s advanced payroll system, allowing retailers and foodservice businesses to pay out salaries quickly and easily with no errors.

At SameSystem, CSO Mikael Christensen looks forward to collaborating with Zenegy.

“We are very happy to be working with a fast-growing and premier payroll system like Zenegy. There is a great synergy between our two companies – we both target retail and foodservice, and we’re passionate about helping these two industries harness the benefits of digitalization,” he says.

“The partnership is an exciting next step in SameSystem’s Dreamsuite project. We are building a one stop platform for retailers and foodservice businesses, which enables our customers to access the best digital solutions on the market in one place. By offering first-rate integrations, SameSystem customers will get an edge on competition in terms of optimising operations and utilising data.”

At Zenegy, Mark Parrish, Head of Business Development, also looks forward to partnering with SameSystem.

“We are very excited about this partnership with SameSystem. This is yet another enabler for retail and foodservice businesses to engage in a better employee experience all over the Nordics. We hope to bring more transparency to payroll and a happier workforce with SameSystem,” says Parrish.

“The value added to the customers will be tangible, and first and foremost, the payroll experience will be smooth. Our vision is to have one platform across multiple products and countries. This will enable us to go even further and to bring cross-country partnerships. Zenegy is currently in the Nordics, so it is only natural for us to partner with a dominant retail & foodservice partner, to create great value for our customers.”

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