Workforce management for cafés and restaurants

It’s effortless to handle planning and administration with a complete workforce management solution – you both save time and money.

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Spend your time with your guests
– not in the backroom office

SameSystem eases retail scheduling, communication, and administration significantly, allowing you to focus your resources where it matters most to the bottom line: with your guests.

Access digital tools in one solution

You get all the necessary tools to minimise costs and plan perfectly

Save time on planning

With intuitive and straightforward planning tools, you can put together schedules in no time. SameSystem even takes budgets and employee skills together.

Predict the need for staffing

Advanced artificial intelligence accurately predicts customer traffic in your restaurants. You minimise costs by avoiding overstaffing.

Digital contracts

Say goodbye to time-consuming administrative work. SameSystem offers automatised digital contracts – and makes sure you comply with GDPR.

Easy and exact time registration

There’s no easier way to register time than with SameSystem’s iBeacon. Employees punch in and out with a single tap on their phones. iBeacon makes sure that no one leaves without checking out.

Automatic salary runs

SameSystem integrates with your payment system. This way, you avoid duplication of efforts and can transfer work hours directly from your updated schedule to your payment system.

Create trust and transparency

Employees always have access to updated schedules and efficient communication tools in SameSystem’s app.


Unique advantages of SameSystem

Customer satisfaction: 99,3 %

The numbers speak for themselves. Our customers love SameSystem.

Pay per restaurant

The price of SameSystem depends on the number of locations you have. If you have more than eight employees, this is a significant advantage.

Unlimited support

Our brilliant supporters are ready to help you and all your employees. SameSystem’s support has an average response time of 20 seconds.

Fill shifts with ease

SameSystem’s app thinks like a manager and considers budgets and employee skills. It has never been easier to fill holes in the schedule.

Send shift requests through the app. SameSystem helps you find the ideal employee with the right skills for the shift.

Let your employees swap and request shifts – managers only need to approve the change, and the schedule is updated automatically.

Employees can request vacation directly in the app, which creates an overview for managers.

“In my opinion, SameSystem is the very best choice because the system can be tailored and adapted according to your needs.”

Morten Trend Poulsen, Operations Manager at ILD.PIZZA

Elevate your business with SameSystem!

Learn how a Workforce Management Solution can optimise your operations.

Wait a minute… Isn’t SameSystem a solution for retail?

SameSystem has its roots in retail but is also an obvious IT solution for cafés and restaurants. Both industries are characterised by many part-time employees and customer traffic that is difficult to predict, making accurate and simple planning a necessity. With SameSystem, you can easily plan ideally and minimise costs.